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Good food and good feuds are essential ingredients in celebrity chefs’ lives. The last few decades have witnessed many celebrity chefs rising to fame. Marco Pierre White Gordon Ramsay is no different. This mentor-student duo had infamously made headlines for their bust-up and subsequent fallout in the past. 

Even though the famous bitter feud between the two seems to have ended, it continued to be a controversial topic in the cooking world over the years. Reportedly, Marco Pierre and Gordon Ramsay worked for over 15 years before their eventual fallout due to varied speculated incidents. 

Two strong yet relatively similar personalities 

Not known to many, Gordon Ramsay’s career in the culinary world started by landing a job with Marco Pierre White. Ramsay was a young 20-year-old man when he got the opportunity to work as Marco’s apprentice in Harvey’s restaurant in London. 

Well, isn’t it absurd to imagine Gordon Ramay as a fresh-faced humble young man who is contrasting with his present fiery image? Well, he sure had a lot to learn under one of the most celebrated celebrity chefs of all time. Even today, Ramsay never shies away from giving major credit for his success to Marco Perrie, his first mentor, and addresses him as a guiding light. 

Way before Ramsay rose to fame and was recognized globally, Marco Pierre White had enjoyed great popularity and respect in the culinary world. In the year 1994, Marco became the youngest chef to be awarded three Michelin stars. He, too, was known for his temper and was hard to work in the same kitchen. 

When Ramsay took the job of an apprentice at Marco’s restaurant, he knew that it would be challenging for him to work under Marco. However, those learning years eventually laid the solid foundation of Gordon Ramsay’s career, and perhaps, if he hadn’t worked for Marco, he may not be the star that he is today. 

A trail of miffs & feuds drove the warring chefs to the boiling point 

Despite being famous for his quick temper and four-letter outbursts, Ramsay did get to taste his own medicine during the initial training years when he worked at Marco’s Harvey Restaurant. In an interview, Marco Pierre White was quoted saying, “I don’t recall what he’d done wrong, but I yelled at him, and he lost it.” Later, Gordon kneeled in a corner, buried his head in his hands, and started sobbing.

Marco, in his memoir titled ‘White Lies,’ happened to relish that incident when he made Ramsay cry. And who knew that this Marco Pierre White Gordon Ramsay episode was just the beginning of one of the greatest fallouts in showbiz? 

Following this was another incident that intensified the miffed relationship that they both shared. The incident took place at Harvey’s restaurant that involved a physical conflict between Marco and Ramsay, along with a verbal spat that didn’t go down well with both personalities. As a result, the hate grew stronger, and both refused to be in the same room. 

The final incident that fueled the rivalry and, in the words of Marco, the straw that broke the camel’s back was Marco Pierre’s wedding in the year 2006. Ramsay showed up uninvited at his foe’s wedding and filmed the entire ceremony secretly for one of his TV shows. It was this very incident that made Marco cut off his relationship with Ramsay completely. 

#broughteartomyeye – A much-awaited reunion 

With Marco enjoying delicious dining at Ramsay’s Street Burger Restaurant, the decade-old feud seems to have ended as Gordon reached out to his mentor in the lockdown and apologized.

The restaurateurs have finally decided to let bygones be bygones and start afresh with a new prime-time TV show named ‘Next Level Chef.’ Sharing a snap of the 59-year-old posing with Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant’s takeaway bag, Ramsay captioned the picture, “So good when the Great White pops in for a burger’’ followed by the hashtag #broughteartomyeye. 

Also, over the years, despite the raging feud and miffs, Ramsay talked kindly about his mentor Marco Pierre White and attributed much of his success to him. In Gordon Ramsay’s words, Marco defines lightness, delicacy, finesse, and balance in the culinary world, and if it wasn’t for Marco, he wouldn’t have achieved anything. 

There You Go! 

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