Happy Birthday to you!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!! The joy we all have on our face while singing this birthday song is unexplainable. Celebrating birthdays with singing this song and dancing on tunes is all that we have been doing for years now.

But there is one more thing which is mandatory to be present on every birthday and that certainly is a yummy and delectable cake. If you have been a believer in celebrations, then you would know how important and joyous birthdays are. It is a day when we celebrate the coming of an individual to our lives and becoming a part of it.

There are plenty of cakes that you will come across in the market for making your celebration peppier. But to save you from vouching around to find the best one we have come up with a list that is here to help you. Now you can decide the best birthday cake which you will demand year after year for your celebration.

Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Cake

For all the people, who say that heart-shaped cake is only for Valentine’s Day, let me clear the air for them. Cakes cannot be stereotyped by us as they are for every celebration of your life. So forget the round or square cakes, and rather choose to get a heart-shaped yummy red velvet cake for your loved ones. It would be the most eligible cake when you wish to convey your love to the birthday boy/girl.

Delicious Black Forest

The Black Forest has been one of the most loved cakes by the people. Its sour cherry jam and white cream delight the inner soul of every person at the party. From years, this Germany-origin cake has been making sure to create a place in our hearts. Hopefully, it has been successful due to the amazing blend of sour and sweet tastes that it has for the people. We undoubtedly can order a black forest cake for our dear one’s birthday as this cake marks joy and pleasure for the Germans; therefore, the same can be for us.

Choco Latte Cake

Many of you must have heard of coffee latte and also can be a fan of it. This is good news for all the coffee maniacs as now they cannot just drink coffee latte but also eat the very special choco latte cake. Yes, as the name suggests, this cake is a blend of exciting coffee flavors with some chocolate added to it. You are certainly going to love this cake and will enjoy it to your heart.

Caramel Cream Cakes

Nothing could be a better delight for your sweetest family member or friend than this cake. The main heroes of this cake which are caramel and cream tend to make it very soft and thus give an unforgettable taste to your tongue.

Blueberry Glaze Cake

How can you forget about a fruit cake getting added to the top birthday cake list? Yes, this is why we have made sure to add the yummy and trending blueberry cake in the list. This fruit from the berry family is going to linger on your taste buds for years to come. For all the health-freaks, this fruit-inspired cake can be a bet for sure.

Here were some of the fab birthday cakes that you can choose for the special celebrations of your loved ones. The online cake delivery can ease your task of getting g the cake for your party at home to a great extent. We all now need to sit down and relax to get energy for the party celebrations.

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