Taking a trip with an RV or motorhome allows you to connect with two worlds at the same time, and while you enjoy the outdoors in natural spaces, you can take advantage of home-like comforts.

Because these vehicles are usually well equipped with a kitchen, microwave, refrigerator, beds, television, living room, dining room, and full bathrooms.

In addition, for a low rental cost (if you don’t own one), the family can camp in incredible places, do free activities, discover new directions, meet more travelers and even improve their coexistence.

We listed below five of the best family destinations within the United States, ideal for the following holiday season.

Attractions were factored in due to their excellent late spring-summer weather, outdoor activities, and nearby RV camping spaces.

Most tourist destinations are concentrated in national parks, cities with pleasant weather, and various attractions, such as Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, or Universal Studios in Hollywood and Disney in Anaheim, California paradise.

Together with ZeRVs, we’ve drawn up a list of five RV parks with a view, but before we show you them, you must know the following three RV routes. These are considered the best routes for campers.

California Route

California is one of the most popular destinations for RV travelers, with famous RV parks, beautiful road landscapes, and particularly beautiful scenery full of natural parks and postcard beaches. You can leave San Francisco and leave the fabulous Golden Gate, Start traveling. bridge. From here, you can continue the route to Monterey, passing through Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Los Angeles to Yosemite. On the boat, head to Nevada to visit Las Vegas and admire Colorado’s Monument Valley and Grand Canyon.

Colorado Route

Using your own or rented mobile home to explore, you will discover its 4 national parks, including Rocky Mountain National Park and Mesa Verde National Park, which are perfect for exploring the famous Trail Ridge and enjoying national monuments and scenery. From the gardens of the gods and cities such as Denver or Colorado Springs.

Route 66 (Will Rogers Highway)

On this route in your RV, you will discover an important piece of American history that will take you from Chicago to Los Angeles. We recommend staying in Springfield, Seligman, Santa Fe, or Kingman and Hackberry. And the people. But be careful, Route 66 does not always have the correct signs.

Before taking a long walk, it’s best to know that you may not always be able to sleep where you want, or you may spend more than 4 consecutive hours in a quiet place. Therefore, you need to spend the night in a specially designated campsite, where you will find all the necessary services and a safe place. In addition, you will avoid waking up with a hefty fine to pay!

So here is the list of 5 of the most beautiful campsites on the West Coast of the United States, according to Authentik travelers.

Yellowstone Park / West Gate KOA

Located less than 12 kilometers from Yellowstone National Park and 60 kilometers from Old Faithful, KOA Campground is a great option if you are traveling by RV.

The sites are vast, and several have a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

In addition to offering all the connections, this campsite offers a ton of services: laundry room, restaurant, bicycle rental, indoor swimming pool, Wi-Fi connection, etc.

Malibu Beach RV Park

Camping within an hour of one of America’s largest metropolises is certainly not impossible.

The campground is located in Malibu Beach, a wealthy resort town west of Los Angeles, known for its beaches.

Reserved only for motorhomes, the pitches are on the mountainside and the sea view is breathtaking.

With the sounds of the waves as a lullaby in the evening, you will sleep like a baby!

On-site, you will find indoor facilities with arcades and a TV room, a general store, a laundry room, and emptying station as well as a sanitary block with toilets and showers.

Goulding’s RV Park

Located right at the entrance to Monument Valley, you’ll have a front-row view of sunrise and sunset over the Eagle Mesa and Brigham’s Tomb geological formations.

The staff are very friendly and provide a free shuttle every 30 minutes for shopping and exploring the surrounding area.

For entertainment, please note that campers have access to the indoor pool at Goulding’s Lodge, as well as the theater, where some classic westerns are shown.

You will find a propane filling station as well as a station to drain the vehicle. A wireless Internet connection, as well as sanitary blocks with toilets and showers, are also available.

Ruby’s Inn Campground

Less than a mile from Bryce Canyon Park is the Ruby’s Inn Campground, a reputable resort-owned campground.

All the sites are designed to accommodate motorhomes and have three connections: water, electricity, and sewer.

On-site, you will find a general store for small shopping, a laundry room, and sanitary blocks with toilets and showers.

There is also a small swimming pool to cool off after a day of hiking.

Another advantage: the park shuttle stops a few steps from the campsite reception.

Grand Canyon National Park

The Mather Sector Campground is located at the southern entrance to Grand Canyon National Park.

Pitches that can accommodate motorhomes are available, but the majority of sites are provided for tents. Note that only 5 sites can accommodate vehicles over 27 feet.

On-site, you will find sanitary blocks with showers and toilets, a dumping station at the exit, a laundry room, and pay telephones.

In addition, wildlife is very present there, and it is quite possible that a deer will come over to make “breakfast” with you.

Not enough?

If the list above is not enough then try to detour at Trailer Village RV Park.

Located very close to the Grand Canyon Village, this campsite is very popular for its location, but also because it is the only one in the region to offer 3 connection services throughout the year.

From the entrance, a free shuttle takes you to the national park.

On foot, calculate roughly a 30-minute walk to get to Mather Point, one of the best viewpoints on the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.