Among Us Rapidly Reaches Impressive Player Milestone

Among Us has been steadily rising in popularity this summer, garnering a huge fanbase in only a short amount of time. Among Us by InnerSloth is a game that’s all about deception, and if you’re looking for an alternative to the chaotic Fall Guys, then this one is for you.

For those who aren’t in the loop, this online game allows you to play with 4-10 players and each one is given tasks in order to repair a space station. Now, here’s the catch: not everyone is your crewmate. As the title suggests, there is an impostor (sometimes 2-3) among your midst.

The impostor only has fake tasks, and their main goal is to kill off the crewmates. The crewmates then have to weed out the bad apple within the group.




Among Us was launched back in 2018, and it had a pretty decent following throughout the years – that is, until this summer where there was a sudden boom in its player-base. It has become so mainstream that it recently hit 1.5 million concurrent users, according to InnerSloth.

Among Us wasn’t initially designed to be able to handle this many players, as such, it’s understandable that there has been a couple of bugs here and there. For some regions, there have been players who have experienced difficulty getting into either a public or private room.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the game currently only has one programmer, so we may need to cut him some slack. That said, Among Us 2 is currently in the works and the developers have said that they are keeping the current game’s issues in mind while working on this sequel.

Among Us is currently available on PC via Steam and mobile – you should definitely play it with your friends when you have the time.

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