Some Among Us Players Are Treating The Game Like An Online Dating App

If you’ve been playing the social deduction game Among Us for a while now, you have probably witnessed the growing number of young people or teenagers who have been using the game as a kind of online dating app.

It’s a bit weird. After all, Among Us is all about deceiving other players, and that might not be the best foundation for anyone who’s looking for a relationship.

Online dating has always been popular, but more so lately with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic which has made physical dating dangerous and looked down upon.

As a matter of fact, dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder have even seen an increase in user activity ever since the beginning of the pandemic. Many countries are still under lockdown, which means dating and meeting new people can only be done virtually.


Even though there are all kinds of online dating apps available to download, some teens who are probably not old enough to make an account under these platforms have been looking for other ways to meet their potential soulmate.

However, finding a partner in this way has the potential to turn for the worse if the player on the other end isn’t who they say they are. We’re not exactly sure where or who started this trend, but it’s possible that TikTok could be the culprit.

Numerous TikTok users have been posting video compilations wherein they start flirting with the other crewmates. Some successfully get the other person’s number and they start actually dating for a period of time. Although sometimes the unexpected happens and they find out that the other player is also another guy.

Whether or not the trend truly started in TikTok, there are numerous screenshots posted by users online that show children, or players pretending to be young or underage, using Among Us to find a romantic relationship.

Many users have posted some of these instances on Among Us’ Reddit communities, some of which are shared below:

Everything is a dating app nowadays from AmongUs

Among Us Dating Sim from AmongUs

people need to realize that among us isn’t a dating site from cursedamongus

Is among us a dating game or something from AmongUs

The above screenshots are only some of the milder conversations between Among Us players. Sometimes, other players would even go so far as to share their personal phone numbers or their social media accounts. Keep in mind that the rest of the players can see these conversations.

Some conversations even become inappropriate role-playing, and the other crewmates have no choice but to bear witness. Albeit InnerSloth meant for Among Us players to get to know each other well enough to sense who the Impostor is, we highly doubt that the developer wanted it to become a platform for online dating.

While many players can get annoyed or uncomfortable with these kinds of conversations, the main issue lies in the fact that anonymity is a crucial part of Among Us’ gameplay. In other words, there’s no way to know for sure if the person you’re talking to is really who they say they are.

Among Us doesn’t have profiles or accounts for the players just yet, and everyone can change their names or aliases at any time. It makes sense to assume that most of these players who are looking for love in Among Us are underage and would most likely take the bait if another player seems to give them the time of day.

With the internet being a part of many people’s daily lives, most children these days have forgotten just how dangerous the online world can be. The internet is full of sexual predators who won’t think twice about using an online game to make advances on innocent minors.

If you’re an underage teen, then we highly recommend that you stay safe on the internet and don’t look for love in Among Us.

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