In “Destiny 2,” the Witherhoard Catalyst is an absolute powerhouse. Why don’t you unlock the full potential of your Witherhoard in this game with its elusive Catalyst?

This guide shall discover everything you need to know about the Witherhoard Catalyst, including what it offers and the steps to find it in the game. It’s time to amp up your arsenal and take your gameplay to greater heights as you embark on this journey to harness the real power of the Witherhoard. 

What Is The Witherhoard Catalyst?

The Witherhoard Catalyst is an item in “Destiny 2” that enhances the performance of the Witherhoard exotic grenade launcher.

Similar to other Catalysts in the game, such as the Two-Tailed Fox Catalyst and the Verglas Curve Catalyst, which we previously discussed here on PVP Live, acquiring and completing the Witherhoard Catalyst involves you fulfilling some in-game tasks or objectives first. But, once completed, this Catalyst provides additional benefits or upgrades to its weapon, enhancing its effectiveness in combat.

So, if you wish to topple your enemies skillfully, you should have the Witherhoard Catalyst in your inventory. 

The Witherhoard Catalyst in Destiny 2 is an item that enhances the performance of the Witherhoard exotic grenade launcher. Like other catalysts in the game, obtaining and completing the Catalyst for the Witherhoard involves specific in-game tasks or objectives. Once completed, the Catalyst provides additional benefits or upgrades to the weapon, enhancing its effectiveness in combat.

The Design Of The Witherhoard Catalyst

So, what does the Witherhoard Catalyst look like? Well, it appears as an item icon that resembles other Catalysts in “Destiny 2.”

The Witherhoard Catalyst typically features a tiny golden or silver object with distinct markings or symbols. Once you obtain the Catalyst, you can take the opportunity to examine its design further. 

Conversely, the Witherhoard weapon (not the Catalyst) is physically unique with its sleek and futuristic design. It also features a predominantly black and silver color scheme, plus intricate detailing and geometric patterns running along its frame, exuding that sinister and otherworldly look. Its barrel is wide and flared, giving it a rather distinct and imposing silhouette. 

What The Witherhoard Catalyst Does

Let’s start first with the Witherhoard. This Kinetic grenade launcher can fire blight projectiles. These create AoE damage zones once they are fired at the ground. Or, they can deal significant damage over time as they directly hit their targets. Also, blighted targets are capable of blighting the area underneath them once these targets perish.

On the other hand, the Witherhoard Catalyst can increase the weapon’s handling and cause it to reload after a short time when holstered. 

Once you have the Witherhoard Catalyst, it is a force to be reckoned with. You can blight areas or targets to inflict significant damage. Very potent. 

How To Get Witherhoard

First, let’s find out how to get the Witherhoard weapon. Like Symmetry in “Season of Dawn,” the Witherhoard weapon can be obtained via the new season pass. If you have already bought it, this means you can get the weapon at rank zero. Then, log in to the game and launch the Season tab in your director. That simple.

But what if you don’t have the season pass, you ask? Well, you will need to be patient. The free tier provides the Witherhoard weapon as a reward at rank 35. So, you will need to make an effort, such as running activities like crucible, to garner some experience.

How To Win The Witherhoard Catalyst

Once you have your Witherhoard weapon, proceed to Werner-44 in the Tower. He will give you a new quest for the Catalyst. The quest is called The Bank Job. It is a multi-step quest asking you to obtain several grenade launcher kills across a wide range of activities. This is the perfect opportunity to test your Witherhoard. 

First and foremost, you must collect vault keys. To do so, you must kill enemies with a kinetic or special grenade launcher. If you are thinking of using power weapons, stop because they won’t grant you progress, so stick to Witherhoard and other guns like Fighting Lion. 

You only need 50 vault keys. They randomly drop after you kill an enemy. So, turn your gaze toward activities with high enemy counts, such as the new Contact public event. 

After that, you will need to complete a relatively long checklist. The first goal is to obtain 300 Filthy Lucre. You can get two of them each time you complete a match of crucible, nightfall, or gambit. 

If you have the season pass, this shall be easier, as you will get buffs for that payout. You can hit two birds with one stone by running rounds of gambit or crucible, and progress on the quest with your pass.

Afterward, you will also need 300 multi-kills with your grenade launcher. Choose Witherhoard as your weapon for this since its damage pool can beat several opponents at once. 

Lastly, you will need 100 guardian kills with your grenade launcher. However, if you are in a hurry and want to tackle all those three steps at once, the best thing you can do is head into crucible so you can gather Lucre and kill Guardians.

Note: The Catalyst increases the handling of the Witherhoard. It shall reload while it is holstered.

Take Full Advantage Of Your Witherhoard Catalyst

When you have the Witherhoard in “Destiny 2,” don’t ever miss out on using the weapon without the Catalyst. So you must unlock it as soon as you can. This robust grenade launcher, which is granted as a season pass reward in the 11th season, has gained tremendous fame among the game’s fans. It is a fantastic weapon to wield, considering its out-of-this-world damage potential and damage over time from blight. 

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