Apple is preparing something huge related to AI. A recent report share that the company ordered a limit on generative AI use within the workforce due to fear of data leaks. Interestingly, one of the secrets the company might be trying to protect has something to do with AI, as it is now looking for some talents.

Apple is still one of the world’s biggest and most significant tech companies. However, the recent AI advancements of its competitors put it a few steps behind. Recently, OpenAI even introduced an iOS version of ChatGPT with Whisper tech to the Apple App Store. And although the new ChatGPT iOS version won’t replace Siri, it is somehow stealing the spotlight from Apple’s own AI creation. There’s a much bigger problem than that, however. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the company fears that the use of ChatGPT within the workplace could lead to confidential data leaks. As such, a ban has been announced on using OpenAI’s ChatGPT alongside other AI tools, including GitHub Copilot.

Apple is not the only company to ban AI tools within its workplace. Recently, Samsung also ordered the restriction of AI use among its employees due to security concerns. Other companies like JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., and Citigroup Inc. are also now observing the same restrictions, and they have all the reasons to do it. To recall, ChatGPT has encountered a bug before, causing it to expose chat history and possibly payment info temporarily. Moreover, OpenAI’s page indicates that the company “may use Content you provide us to improve our Services, for example to train the models that power ChatGPT,” although it also warns users not to share “any sensitive information.”

Some of the precious data Apple is probably trying to guard now probably have something to do with the recent AI projects it has been developing. However, no additional details in the report were mentioned, except that the creations are generative AI models.

Recent job listings also indicate that the company is trying to beef up its AI efforts by hiring more professionals specializing in generative AI, including some machine learning specialists “passionate about building extraordinary autonomous systems.” Another one is centered on visuals, with a description that reads: “visual generative modeling to power applications across computation photography, image and video editing, 3D shape and motion reconstruction [and] avatar generation.”

The list started in late April, and Apple’s search for the talents continues this week. And by looking at the job descriptions of the listings, we probably could expect a boatload of new AI features (or improvements) and products across Apple’s vast ecosystem in the future.

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