Get exclusive promos and perks when you shop right now at Walmart. The Apple Watch Series 8 GPS is now available at the online store with a big discount. 

Apple Watch Series 8 features advanced health sensors and apps, allowing you to take an ECG, measure your heart rate and blood oxygen, and track temperature changes for advanced insights into your menstrual cycle, all in this watch. 

Plus, with Crash Detection, sleep stages tracking, and advanced workout metrics, it helps you stay healthy, active, safe, and, all the while, connected.

Here is a listing of and further details about its most impressive features:

  • The temperature sensor provides retrospective ovulation estimates and advanced cycle-tracking features
  • Measure your blood oxygen levels with a powerful sensor and app
  • Take an ECG anytime and anywhere
  • Get high and low heart rates, and irregular rhythm notifications
  • Advanced safety features, including fall detection, emergency SOS, and crash detection

Several customers at Walmart are sharing their amazing experiences with this wearable. For Walmart customer Ky, it is a “great addition.”

They wrote in their review, “I got the right size luckily. not sure if i need a protector on mine. this is my first one so i knew i needed the brand new one that came out. i’m still getting used to it but i love it so far. very handy in certain situations.”

Meanwhile, for Walmart customer Comfortable, they said they love it and would highly recommend it to others.

“Really nice color the size is more for a man I like that I can operate my TV Roku and my camera from the watch I later went back and purchased the same one but with cellular so I can connect my service to it. I would highly recommend I think it’s a good improvement from the old watches,” Comfortable stated.

Product dimensions: 11.65 by 2.99 by 1.42 inches

It weighs 0.93 lbs. 

View the deal here. Shop this now at Walmart.

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