Hewlett-Packard, or HP, is a global leader in printing, providing printers to users who need top-notch printing and revolutionizing printing worldwide. However, just like other companies offering products to consumers, they must adhere to environmental standards. HP could be missing on this point. Here is the news.


The International Imaging Technology Council (IITC), a trade association, has lodged a complaint versus HP, requesting for around 100 of the company’s printer models to revoke their official environmental certifications because of HP’s suspect firmware updates.

IITC is a trade association in North America that represents printer cartridge dealers’ interests – such as HP – specifically those that sell remanufactured printer cartridges or entities that remanufacture the cartridges for them. 

The IITC addressed its complaint to the Global Electronics Council (GEC). The GEC is a United States-based environmental non-profit with a mission to “create a world where only sustainable technology is bought and sold.”

The GEC is also responsible for the management of the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry. The EPEAT is an ecolabel that helps manufacturers, purchases, resellers, and other entities purchase and sell “environmentally preferable” electronic products.

The IITC is accusing HP of “greenwashing” – or marketing a company’s product as environmentally friendly more than actually minimizing environmental impact – and false labeling. 


The complaint called out around 100 HP printers, including its LaserJet, DesignJet, and OfficeJet families, as well as its DeskJet and Envy labels. 

IITC’s executive director, Tricia Judge, penned a letter to the GEC saying that HP “has made a mockery of the EPEAT registration process” and cited firmware issues, as well as manufacturing and production concerns. 

For instance, despite many of HP’s printers being certified by EPEAT, HP’s Dynamic Security update and HP+ subscription are recently blocking anything other than the company’s own ink, not adhering to the regulations of EPEAT. 

PVP Live previously reported a piece of news about HP releasing a new firmware update that would block users’ printers should they use ink cartridges from HP’s rival brands. HP will reportedly disable the printer if those competitor ink cartridges are used. It seems that HP is really doing something wrong here. 

Moreover, while HP promises to recycle cartridges in over 60 countries and territories worldwide, the fact that other manufacturers that are recycling their cartridges can no longer sell them for use in HP printers is of significant environmental concern. Plus, there are also price hikes that come when customers use OEM ink. 

A step forward

This recent complaint against HP emphasizes the importance of staying true to the environmental certification granted to a particular company. These companies were given such certification and, therefore, must work hard to ensure it is being met. 

The IITC’s call for HP’s official environmental certifications to be revoked is a step not just for HP but for other companies, too, to ensure that consumers are not tricked with certifications without real action from the company. 

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