The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is offered with incredible deals when you shop today at Walmart. 

A camera so good, everyone becomes a pro with this phone. If beauty is in the details, you have plenty of this here. The 64MP high resolution in this phone captures everything with share-ready clarity. Too far? There is no such thing with the phone’s 30x Space Zoom feature. You can even have more stability with Zoom Lock, so you never lose focus.

Director, producer, reporter, star – be the creative mastermind behind the camera, in front of it, or both simultaneously. Possible? It is. Switch camera angles in real-time with the Director’s View or record front and back simultaneously in Vlogger View.

Photo or video? You really do not have to choose. The Single Take AI feature lets you create short and shareable GIFs, movies, and more all in one take, while the 8K Video Snap enables you to turn your best frames into super-detailed, high-res stills. Be the creative mastermind you know you can be without missing a moment. Single Take captures images and videos for up to 15 seconds.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is also easy on the eyes – day or night or somewhere in between. Its adaptive 120Hz display makes scrolling feel faster and silky smooth while also being easy on the eyes. Watch, scroll and relive your best moments, all while the adaptive refresh rate helps to conserve your battery, and the blue-light management automatically adjusts based on the time to help keep your eyes happy. 

Access all Samsung Galaxy S21 user manuals.

Be different. This is a good thing. The unit’s all-new seamless metal camera detailing and modern matte finishes are bound to turn heads. Simply select the color that fits your preferences and vibe, and know you are protected with the most rigid glass on a smartphone.

With these features, it is easy to fall in love with this smartphone. 

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