Character builders elaborate on becoming another person as part of role-playing in video games. Some creation screens are lacking, with only one skin tone and three hair selections, while others have such a wide range of possibilities that it may be overwhelming!

Having so many options may either be excessively stupid or provide the necessary inclusion in the video game market. There’s a character generator for any desire, whether players want to construct a monster from the ground up or reproduce themselves in ways past games didn’t allow.

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Diablo 3


The Diablo series may not provide much in the way of physical customization, but no game does it better than Diablo III when it comes to aesthetics, weaponry, and playstyles. There are seven distinct characters to pick from in the game, as well as a plethora of armors, weapons, upgrades, charms, enchantments, colors, forms, sizes, and troves and troves of loot to let the player further invest in their chosen character.

If a player is dissatisfied with their build, all it takes is a little grinding and cunning thought to create the monster-slaying machine of their dreams.

Mass Effect Andromeda


Because of the animations, Bioware has never been the greatest at making our characters not look horrible the instant they walk out of character creation, but Andromeda is fine. When there aren’t any cut scenes, things still appear slightly weird, but this is a huge improvement over the previous games’ graphics and character developers. All of the previous Mass Effect games’ colorful hair, cosmetics, and facial forms are still available, but with improved visuals and more hair possibilities.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


Kingdoms of Amalur is, without a doubt, the most adaptable game in terms of playstyle and classes. Players can change classes, weapons, and playstyles as much as they like, thanks to a gimmick involving the protagonist’s changing fate. Players may customize their character’s physical appearance and just about every aspect of their personality.

A player may begin as a simple sword-swinging warrior, but because their destiny is entirely in their hands, they may quickly go from fighter to battlemage with the correct skills and weaponry. Because classes do not restrict weapons, armor, and perks, the player’s playstyle may be as varied as he or she wants.

Fallout 4


Fans have utilized the character generator in Fallout 4 to create celebrities, cartoon characters, and more. It has starred in famous YouTube series such as Monster Factory, in which gamers attempt to create the ugliest figure imaginable.

You may customize the character’s hair, eyes, race, and stature, as well as add wounds that they might encounter in a nuclear wasteland, such as burns, scars, and more. They also incorporated small elements like skin imperfections because no one in the post-apocalyptic world has pristine skin. You also have control over how you and your life partner appear, which has an impact on how your baby appears.

Jump Force


While the character creator and, well, everything else about Jump Force isn’t groundbreaking, it’s nonetheless noteworthy. The fact that gamers may become anime characters is what makes this character creation stand out.

Anime fans could only be anime characters in MMORPGs, never their own hero in their own universe. The character images in Jump Force are outstanding for what an anime character should look like, and the possibilities for being unique are boundless.

Final Fantasy XIV


There are a number of big multiplayer games among role-playing games with character creation. Because your character will be walking around a region where many other people will see them, character development in these games seems much more involved.

Final Fantasy XIV has a variety of unique races, each with its own sub-race. It’s a dream come true for everybody who has ever desired to create a unique Final Fantasy character. You may also undergo makeovers while playing the game, allowing you to modify the physical look of your character at any moment.

Blade and Soul


MMORPGs generally feature the most choices for customizing your character’s look. There are possibilities to change every region of the jaw, cheekbones, eyes, and so on in Blade and Soul. For each feature, as well as darker skin tones, there are many sliders. The majority of individuals design a lovely warrior, but with so many sliders at their disposal, the prospect of creating a monster is extremely real.

Monster Hunter World


Monster Hunter World, like Fallout 4, has long been a location where fans can express themselves by creating famous impersonators and cartoon characters. It allows you to defy gender stereotypes by allowing males to wear make-up and have pigtails if they so choose.

The fact that you may design a cat companion, the palico, sets Monster Hunter World unique from the other titles on this list. Many gamers have customized their palicos to resemble their own animals. That’s really nice.

Baldur’s Gate 3


Larian Studios went to great lengths to provide gamers with a wide range of personalization options. To be unique while simultaneously being inclusive. The spectrum of skin tones accessible can be observed in the screenshot alone, and that’s just the skin tones.

Hair and eye color selections also go above and beyond. The game also allows women to wear beards and males to have feminine voices, ensuring that every imaginable person, unique or not, is represented. When it comes to visuals and character customization choices for a fantasy RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3 is the first to do it.



Dark Souls and its sequel were hugely successful, but not because of the creator of the characters. Fans reviled character designers for Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. As a result, when Bloodborne was released, people were pleasantly delighted by the enhancements to character creation.

While the character builder includes a lot of possibilities, some players have complained that it is difficult to use. It takes most players roughly an hour to perfect the character they want.

Sims 4


This list would be incomplete if it didn’t include a Sims game. The Sims may be about experiencing life and starting a family, but that’s only half of the game’s appeal. Many individuals sit idly by on the character creation screen, simply having a good time designing unique characters for their stories or fun.

Players may pick from various ethnicities in Sims 4, and they may emphasize and alter traits and arrange clothing for certain circumstances. When combined with the purchase of additional material, the personalization possibilities are endless.



Greedfall is an underappreciated game with a beautiful character creation screen. The creator’s aesthetics and simplicity are immersive and tidy. However, you can’t modify bone structure into absurd proportions or have pink skin. Instead of a highly terrible or elaborately unique RPG character, this is about creating your own primary character.



Don’t be fooled by the free-to-play label; Warframe is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling action games available right now. Though getting additional Warframes and weaponry may require some significant grinding, the level of customization accessible in this ARPG is actually very impressive. It’s all a matter of personal taste in terms of how you want to play.

Is it preferable to be a lethal sci-fi ninja, a clever archer, or an acrobatic mixture of classes? The action is enjoyable and adaptable, and the aesthetics and options will keep even the pickiest of gamers entertained for a long time. That’s not even taking into account the bespoke paint jobs offered.

Demon’s Souls Remake


Demon’s Souls is a well-known video game that helped to establish the Souls genre. However, because of its age, the visuals were never awe-inspiring, despite the fact that character modification was always accessible. They were able to use new tools in the PS5 remake to improve the demon-killing experience. This is without a doubt one of the greatest character makers in the genre.



Aion’s character creation method is very incredible. It’s an MMO, like Final Fantasy XIV. It was released in North America and Europe in 2010 and is Korean.

If you find other player characters who appear quite similar to your character in an MMO, that’s a big clue of how well the character creation is. If you come across doppelgangers, it’s likely that the character creation isn’t very good and doesn’t provide many alternatives. There are so many options for your character in Aion that the odds of finding a match are minimal to none.

Second Life

New World Notes: Creative User Hacks to Second Life Appearance Make Avatar Customization Incredibly Difficult for New Users (Comment of the Week)

Second Life provides gamers more power than MMORPGs. Sliders are available for almost everything and everything. Because of the visuals, it’s also rather amusing at times. Do you want feet that are unusually large? Do you have a head? What about your ears? All of the aforementioned? Isn’t everything tiny?

Second Life contains the necessary sliders. People usually use this game to have a second life and socialize, which entails creating socially acceptable personas. But there’s no rule that says they have to. Conjure up a slimy beast!



Skyrim’s character customization is similar to Bloodborne in that it was a significant improvement over its predecessor. Today, Elder Scrolls enthusiasts make fun of Oblivion’s character designer because everyone in the game looks like a potato in comparison to Skyrim’s characters.

The fantastical races and subraces are all there, and you may customize anything from fur color, scales, make-up, gender, face-paint, and facial structure, to name a few. Many fans think it’s nice, but they can improve it with fan-made modifications. Any appearance is available with the modifications.

Cyberpunk 2077


While Cyberpunk 2077 may not have lived up to expectations, the character customization options are unparalleled. You may alter the color and design of your nail polish, which may encourage you to create a new character merely to alter it again.

Genitals can be altered in ways you’d never expect to see in a video game. In terms of what was promised, the developers have a lot to answer for, but we still have a lot to work with. It may or may not be fully beneficial at this time, but it is certainly fun.

White Knight Chronicles


White Knight Chronicles is a gorgeous game with poor characters and cliche-filled literature that has gone down in gaming history. However, we must acknowledge that the game was visually appealing. A peculiar component of the game was creating a character from the start whose sole function was to participate in multiplayer activities.

In the single-player mode of the game, they were also the main protagonist’s best buddy. As a result, they remained a silent companion throughout the game, following the main story. It’s rather distinctive. The character creation is excellent, and this is one of the reasons why fans disliked the game. They developed strong attachments to the characters they created, but they were not the protagonists.

Black Desert Online


Take a deep breath. There are no other terms to describe the character builder in Black Desert Online. Whether or not players are invested in the game, there’s no denying the want to dive into the character creation process and let their imaginations run wild.

The finished product and visuals are already appealing. For gamers who only wanted to muck around on the character creation screen, the creators used to provide a version of it accessible for download. There are over 30 different skin tones to choose from, and gamers may customize their body form, muscles, tattoos, and more. The visuals are fantastic, and the dark backdrop allows the player to concentrate just on the figure, creating an immersive experience.

Dragon Age Inquisition


In terms of character customization in Dragon Age games, the company has gone nowhere but up. The Inquisition reintroduced fantastical races, including the qunari. You may customize your face paint, hair, and tattoos depending on which race you pick. The lore is intertwined with the construction of your character, which adds to the mystique of Dragon Age. Vallaslin, for example, is solely available to elves.

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