When you want to beat boredom and, at the same time, learn new things, you should play Kahoot! Have you ever heard of this awesome game? For those who haven’t, Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform used as educational technology in schools and other educational institutions. Its learning games, known as “kahoots” (what else?), are user-generated multiple-choice quizzes that players can access via a web browser or the Kahoot! app. 

Some may find Kahoot! easy to play while others may find it difficult. For the latter, there might be a need to use cheats, auto-answer hack bots, and the like to win scores. In this article, we will guide you through these Kahoot! answer hack bots, cheats, and so much more information that you ought to know. Keep on reading. 

Hacking Using Kahoot! Bots

If you are knowledgeable about programming or have a bit of knowledge about this, then you can easily use bots in Kahoots to win. 

How? First of all, you will need your account on Kahoot! You can use the Kahoot! app or create your account on the Kahoot.it website.

After you have created your account on Kahoot!, you will need to determine how many players are there in each game you are going to play or the quiz you will take part in that the other users have created. 

After you have these information, write the code so that when you are playing Kahoot! With bots, nobody can tell you who is playing against them.  

However, you can be spotted if the bots generate an unusual number of responses within a particular period. But do not worry because this will not happen every often since every bot generates a random number of answers if you use it correctly. 

Be sure at least one person plays against the Kahoot! bot in the game you are playing as you will use Kahoot! with bots to obtain answers. These bots collect all data like the question number and time limit for each question. 

Best Kahoot! Bots

1. The Sean-3 Kahoot Bots

When you use this bot, no single question fails the player. The worst result you can get from this is a draw. 

How does it work? First, visit the website and click on the Play button. Tap Enter to start the bot. Then, enter a random name or the one you use on Kahoot! After this, enter the pin code of the Kahoot! game you want to hack. Afterward, enter the bot count and the bot name. The bot will, this time, flood the Kahoot! game with the bot name you used.

The features of this bot are varied. You can use this bot online, so there is no need to download it. This bot will always provide you with the correct answers to every question. It can send up to 2,000 bots per game. You can also use this bot with various identities; it does not require you to sign up.

2. The Aidan Corbett Kahoot Bot

The Aidan Corbett Kahoot bot is a simple but very powerful Kahoot! bot that can put tons of bots at your disposal and correctly answer any question of any game you join on Kahoot! or quiz you take. 

Here is how it works. First, open the browser and press enter to get started. The bot will then ask you for a random name. You can use any name you like or just use the nickname you use on Kahoot! This time, enter the pin code of the Kahoot! game you want to hack. Then, in “bot count,” enter the number of bots you wish to send to the game. Finally, enter the bot name, and you are good to go.

There are also various features that this bot can offer. It is straightforward to use and delivers quick results. It is also ad-free, which saves players annoyance. Plus, the bot can do this for you if you want your name to be displayed as the winner on all your friends’ devices.

Using The Kahoot! Bot

Here is how you can use the Kahoot! bot to hack the game. First, visit the Kahoot Bot website. Then, enter the prefix and the game pin in the given box. Click on the Send button.

This time, you wait for the bot to send the request to the Kahoot! game. The Kahoot! bot will flood the game session you choose. 

Also, these bots can be managed from the Kahoot! website, and you can remove them whenever you want to. They also have a spam option that can send a random number of bots.

Hacking Kahoot! Using Chrome Extensions

Moreover, aside from Kahoot! bots, there are also Chrome extensions available that you can use to hack a Kahoot! game. 

When taking quizzes on your PC, add these Chrome extensions and enable them. Note that these are only valid for the Kahoot! website. 

1. Kahoot Auto Answer Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension will give you the right answer to every question by exploiting the bugs on the Kahoot! website. 

2. Invisible Kahoot Names

With this extension, you can hide your name and cover your answer area with your name. It is available online for free. 

3. Kahoot Keys

On the other hand, this Chrome extension lets you answer quiz questions without using a mouse. It is available from the Chrome Web Store.

4. Kahoot Flooder/Spammer Chrome Extension

Using this Chrome extension, you can fire up some random bots on the Kahoot! website. 

Hacking Kahoot! Using Scripts, Keys, And Websites

Suppose you want something more advanced to hack Kahoot! games, you can resort to using scripts, keys, and websites. Here are some of them. 

1. Kahoot Rocks

Kahoot Rocks lets you skip your username so you can appear in the test without your progress being saved. So, as long as this is active, your scores and answers on quizzes will not be recorded.

2. Mem-Rip / Kahoot

Mem-Rip for Kahoot! is very popular among Kahoot! players. You can use this to spam and cheat on Kahoot! quizzes and tests. This website also allows you to flood Kahoot! games with bots.

3. Kahoot Winner

With this website, you can win any game and solve any quiz on Kahoot! You only have to register and allow the website to do the rest of the work—that simple. 

4. GoDoc.org/HackPackage

On the other hand, this website hacks Kahoot! by allowing other Go programs to communicate with their command-line tools to hack Kahoot!

Wrap Up

Kahoot! works by letting you create, host or share, and play the game. This is what is exciting about the game. You can create the game you want others to play. It only takes a few minutes to create a learning game or trivia quiz on any topic in any language. You can also host a live game with questions on a big screen or share a game with remote players. Lastly, join a kahoot with a PIN provided by the host and answer questions on your device.

Just like in any other game, in order for a player to succeed, they may at times resort to using cheats. There is nothing wrong with this. So if you feel you need to use cheats while playing Kahoot!, we hope this article will have provided you with a guide. 

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