Poker is a game of wits and nerves. Your knowledge of how the game works is not enough—it takes big risks and an uncanny ability to “read” people’s minds. Despite this, time and again, we see superb players who join the ranks of the elites. It is a difficult task to rank the best poker players of all time. Yet, below is a list of the best players of all time based on their titles, cash winnings, and longevity in the game.

1. Justin Bonomo

Justin is the top grosser at $44.6 million. He won tournaments with high stakes and got his first WSOP bracelet in 2018. The prize was $185,965, and it only took him days to win $300,000 at the Super High Roller Bowl for $5 million.

At the age of 33, Justin was a poker sensation. What makes him a top-ranking player in today’s world is his high level of poker intelligence. With over 18 tournaments in his belt, he has had his fair share of slugging it out on poker tables with other formidable players.

2. Johnny Moss

Aptly called the Grandfather of Poker, Johnny earned his title through a vote back in 1970. At that time, WSOP was a young organization, and there were only seven players at that event.

A year later, WSOP introduced that the world would later come to know as the tournament format. Moss won that and continued to win until 1974. By the time he retired, he had nine WSOP bracelets. Overall, he accumulated a total of $1.25 million in tournament winnings.

Johnny was the quintessential Texas Cowboy poker player. He was also a road gambler, and no one knows how much cash he won when he played off the tournament.

3. Phil Helmuth

Who in this generation does not know of Phil Helmuth? Dubbed as The Brat, he has 15 WSOP bracelets to boot because of this behavior. With almost $23 million in tournament winnings, he is the only person to have won an even main title in America and Europe.

He won the main event in 1989 in Las Vegas, and then another in 2012 n Europe. It was in 1993 when he won three bracelets. Although Helmuth has not yet won the Champions Cup, he came close in 2017. He is the author of several best-selling books about the game and is a regular face in cash games.

4. Phil Ivey

Phil is the Tiger Woods of poker. He started playing on a regular basis at a young age. He spent 15 hours a day playing with a fake ID. Ivey did this because people who made a living as professional poker players inspired him. He took his game seriously; he kept a journal where he listed his observations about players. He also kept a record of hands and different situations. He reviewed this journal to become a better player.

He won his first major award at the age of 21 at the Jack Binion World Poker Open. He won $53,000. In May 2000, he won his first WSOP bracelet, and he was only 23! In 2002, he won three bracelets, and this win sealed his reputation as one of the best young players of all time.

Ivey is a dominant player and has won more than $26 million in tournaments. He is a regular player for high-stakes games, and he has a total of 10 WSOP bracelets.

5. Daniel Negreanu

Daniel, also called the Kid Poker, has an unusual ability to “read” his opponent’s hands. Experts say he is so good that he is second only to Bonomo. As a result, he is the biggest name in poker and is also one of the biggest earners. To date, he has amassed some $40 million in winnings from tournaments only. He is a force in televised games in major tournaments like WSOP and WPT.

What makes him exciting to watch is how he reads people’s cards. In many games, win or lose, he calls out the opponent’s cards, and he turns out to be correct. Dan also has a highly friendly personality, making him a fan favorite.

He has been playing for 20 years, and he has had a lot of accolades. He only has five WSOP bracelets and two from WPT. However, he sets himself apart by winning the 2004 WSOP Player of the Year. He received the same title in the WPT 2004 to 2005 Season.

Dan is so good that he has an online course on the Masterclass website where he teaches people how to become good poker players.


There are many more excellent players in poker, but these five are the best of the best. Those who want to follow in their footsteps can do two things: play live with real players or practice against AI on sites like After that, the player can take his game to the next level, joining online poker sites to lay real cash. However, it is still best to play against real people physically.

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