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According to official sources, the BetaMars project raised $2.5 million from Youbi Capital as an initial investment. Both parties have agreed to cooperate for the further construction of BetaMars. According to the Youbi Capital director, the future of the internet is the metaverse.


BetaMars’ founding team also said that the project is, in essence, different from other ongoing projects within the metaverse. The project’s design showcases “obscure human nature and vivid story scenes in reality,” ultimately providing a unique and immersive experience to each player exploring the world.

The team reveals that they plan on developing a “highly free and open metaverse world” sometime in the future, and they believe that their creation will be a leader within the industry.

Youbi Capital

Youbi Capital invests in innovative world-class solutions to create integrative and sustainable Web 3.0 infrastructure products. The company has invested in over 100 blockchain projects since 2017, supporting Algorand, Polkadot, PlatOn, Flow, Avalanche, etc., in their early stages.

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BetaMars is a metaverse project focusing on building a “future homeland of human beings.” It’s a project comprised of innovative ideas, creativity, and imagination. In the heart of “human nature,” the team working on the BetaMars project developed several game mechanics to try and entice players worldwide into creating a dreamland within the BetaMars world.

Players must develop strategies for betting and winning rewards, not to mention establishing the world’s rules and regulations. For every extra investment of $10,000 for the BetaMars project, a co-brand NFT ticket with the logo of the investor’s company will be issued as expected. The amount will eventually be returned to their community.

Because of this, BetaMars plans on releasing 250 co-brand ticket NFTs with the Youbi Capital logo on them as soon as the current financing round is over.

Ticket Numbers

That said, we have here 20 co-branded ticket NFT numbers for you. Go ahead and enter any of the numbers below to get one. Note that you can only use the numbers once.



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