Every single student who is either in high school or has graduated dreams of getting admission in the best college. There are indeed several colleges all across the country. Some of them are indeed a legend while some are still following the footsteps. At times, you always find yourself in a dilemma regarding the college where you want to pursue your dream career, be it in law or business.

So, how do you pick a name from the long list that you get in your hand after searching?

Do you have some tricks rolled up your sleeves?

No, you don’t!

Choosing the best college is not everyone’s cup of tea. We are not discouraging you but simply stating the facts. Over eighty percent of the students regret their choice of college later on during their studies. Either they find the college to be unfit for living or generate a dislike for the administration and so on.

Since this is a life-changing decision, you can never take the next step in haste. This is why to ease your worries here we have mentioned some of the shortcuts in which you can know which college will be perfect for you right at the beginning.

So, let’s have a look!

Filter the colleges based on the course you want to study

First, decide what course you want to pursue. For example, you might have gained a soft spot for literature. But, once you are graduating high school, you need to decide whether you want to pursue literature history or is it the contemporary literature. Once you are done with your choice, your next job will be to search those colleges which have English in their “offered courses” list. This will narrow down the names to a formidable shortlist, thereby saving you from any unwanted problems.

If your plan is for masters, make sure the institute is offering both bachelor and master degrees

Some of you might have big plans regarding studies and so, you might have goals set for pursuing major or masters after the bachelor’s degree. If that’s the case, it will be better to choose colleges that offer high educational degrees after diploma or bachelors. This will help you in getting a degree from the same college where you will be starting your career journey.

Check whether you have to attend any entrance exam or not

There are some institutions that recruit students based on the result of an entrance exam while some simply rely on the marks of your high school result. For example, if you want to pursue law in Stanford or Columbia, you need to appear for the LSATs mandatorily. So, be sure you are aware of the admission pre-requisites mentioned by your chosen colleges.

Reviews from other students help a lot in selecting the college names

You know the past or the present students provide the truest feedbacks. So, if you want to have a vivid idea about what goes on behind the close walls of the institute, you should ask your friends, or your family members for their inputs. Remember, the ultimate decision will rest on your shoulders, and hence, you need to take their opinions and not their thoughts.

Be very sure of the location of the institute

If you are willing to stay in the dorms during your college years, distance won’t matter to you. But, if you want to stay outside the premise or in your home, the distance will undoubtedly be a factor. For homesick, choose a college that is within a commutable radius. As for students wanting to stay in a rented apartment, you will have to look into the residential location before deciding about the college.

The college must provide proper campusing

If you are going into the Yale or the NYC College, truth be told, you won’t have to worry about getting a job unless your marks are questionable. But, if you are willing to pursue your career in a regular college, you have to make sure that the institution provides proper campusing. If you become certain of this factor, you won’t have to regret your choice ever- neither being within the college nor after graduating from the academy.

Course and admission fee need to be considered beforehand

Some colleges provide a proper fee structure of the overall course that you are planning to pursue. While there are colleges which just mention a single figure amount in an approx. So, you at least have to have an idea about the fee and other expenditures of your dream college before you fill-up the admission form. This budget strategy will help you to steer clear any financial setbacks after getting into college.

Check the stats before preparing the shortlist

Your list might have over ten or fifteen names after following the tricks mentioned above. Now, how to shorten this list further? The best way to do that is by following the statistics. Many journals and PRs are released based on the statistics of the academic institution in the country. These figures and graphs will help you a lot in deciding which colleges should be there on your list and what names to be omitted.

Lastly, choose the college whose course timing matches with your schedule

The last trick to finalize the college name is by ensuring the timing of the academy matches with yours. For example, for the large-distance commuter, evening classes won’t be suitable. Again, if you are working a job, you need to choose schedule time where your classes will end at least an hour before your job shift.


After choosing your favorite college, do collect it’s phone number or address for knowing more about the courses being offered, the admission process, and so on. And, if anyhow you are facing problems regarding the contact, you can easily look into Nuwber. After all, this online dictionary has the contact information of over ninety percent of colleges within your country. So, don’t leave room for any mistake while choosing your college.

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