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Powered by Binance Cloud, the up-and-coming X-Meta crypto exchange officially launched last December 30, 2021. The brand-new platform promises to provide user-friendly and incredibly secure crypto trading services for users worldwide, among countless other innovative features.

X-Meta functions as the main foundation of a crypto asset by Ih Bit Global LLC known as Inflation Hedging Coin (IHC), and it acts as a wall to inflation. IHCoin’s value has severely stabilized since its IEO in August after several upward adjustments.

By joining one of the most dependable liquidity pools, you are free to use any of the platform’s features, including spot trading. You can even invest in fiat, futures, and quantitative trading if you want. X-Meta’s Know Your Customer (KYC) security protocols are also impressive, as they offer high-quality protection from fraudulent attacks, phishing, and other possible threats that could emerge within the platform. What’s more, Binance Cloud gives its guarantee for all these features.

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Those IHC token holders on X-Meta can receive and access a plethora of advantages. For example, holders on the X-Meta exchange can receive a hefty 80% of Net Profit Sharing, which comes from the exchange’s trading fees. Not only that, the exchange initiated a registration promotion for those who signed up on X-Meta, giving away 2000 IHC. This special promo will take place for the entirety of January.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a crypto newbie or veteran; the new platform will allow you to make use of a full suite of trading tools. Thanks to the platform’s expansive range of powerful tools, these tools can greatly improve your investment performance. Not only that, but users also have access to many trading options. Meanwhile, the platform’s cross-border spot trading liquidity takes advantage of a couple of things. These include X-Meta’s powerful matching engine, fast transaction speeds, and risk control.

The features and benefits don’t end there, though. X-Meta will also be releasing a companion mobile app. By downloading this app on their smartphones, clients can stay connected to the market at all times and linked to their portfolios in real-time. As such, they can regularly monitor and quickly respond to trading activity even when they’re on the go.

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