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The Super Bowl is one of the most significant sporting events in the world. It gives two teams a chance to become world champions, and because of its popularity, many industries see it as an avenue to increase their reach and get more people to learn about them. As a result, it comes as no surprise that bitcoin and the crypto world have looked for ways to be part of the event. 

We started getting the influence when crypto became part of players’ payment options to bet on Super Bowl odds. As a result, there was more for the industry, and it would influence the game. Over the years, many top crypto brands have nurtured the idea of influencing the game. 

Today, we know that the Super Bowl takes advantage of digital currency. Bitcoin is now a part of the game. In 2021, many crypto brands took advantage of the boom to get into partnership deals to showcase themselves at the event. The influence continued into 2022, and it was tagged the Crypto Bowl. 

With the growing partnership between the Super Bowl and Bitcoin, we want to explore how digital currency and the crypto world influence the game and the future. We expect more from both worlds since even the bearish run of 2022 doesn’t seem to stop the widespread of crypto. 

Super Bowl Crypto Ads

In 2022, we saw an increase in crypto ads at the Super Bowl; the game was tagged the Crypto Bowl. Many crypto brands were in line to get a piece of the action, which worked well for the industry. As a result, we can tell that the influence of crypto is growing despite the downturn we saw in 2022. 

A 30-second spot during the Super Bowl cost as high as $7 million, and Coinbase aired a 60-second ad of a QR code bouncing around fans’ screens. This single event gives the idea of how much the crypto industry wants to influence the industry, and as a result, we can tell that it is only going to increase. 

Partnership Deals

Many crypto brands have added the Super Bowl as an avenue to grow. These brands use the Super Bowl’s popularity to reach more people and ensure they can get the best from the game. As a result, many partnership deals are flying around, and we can tell that more people will learn about crypto. 

The deals will also see the industry participate in the event, which can influence how the competition will go. Undoubtedly, there will be more exciting partnership deals in the future, and we can always enjoy the influence that comes with crypto and the Super Bowl. It will only get better. 

Betting with Bitcoin

Another area we’ve seen crypto and bitcoin influence the Super Bowl is through sports betting. Digital assets have made life easier for bettors as they can now easily bet on games without plenty of hassles that come with fiat. You can even find decentralized betting sites that let you place bets anonymously. 

You should understand that betting with bitcoin has become more popular over the years and can only improve. The good thing is that more people will enjoy the benefits of placing Super Bowl bets using Bitcoin. Also, it will be easier for players to continue playing the game and increase their chances of winning. 

Digital Tickets and NFTs

Most industries have begun to embrace the digital world, and we can tell that the influence will only grow stronger. For example, the Super Bowl now offers digital tickets to fans, and many Super Bowl NFT projects are coming up to ensure owners can have exclusive access to the event. 

As a result, we just know that it will be easier. Thanks to the growth of crypto, this progress is improving the game. You can watch out for the next event and participate in the NFT projects to gain access to the tickets, watch the game live, or enjoy a private viewing.

Future Projection

There is more to the Super Bowl and crypto partnership, and because of the success from previous years, brands will continue to explore ways to influence the game. The future holds something massive for both sides, and we look forward to enjoying the next Super Bowl, with cryptocurrency playing a significant part in its success.  

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