Blizzard Korea announced that they’ve caught and banned more than 10,000 hackers in Korea using both aimbots and nuking (a new form of targeted Denial of Service attacks) over the course of the last few days.

The Overwatch community has been up in arms in Korea about the rampant use of aimbots over the past few months. While the legislation was passed in Korea to punish those creating and distributing aimbot programs a few months ago, it has not quite curtailed the rampant issue at hand.

Nuking, in particular, is already illegal in Korea (when classified as a DDOS) according to Article 48 of the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act. Fines for doing so can run up to 50 million won, or about $43,000 USD.

“Even though it is a serious illegal act that can be punished, it can be abused if it goes undetected,” an industry official told Korean site Daily Esports.

Nuking is particularly problematic because if one user is attacked in a PC bang, the entire IP becomes affected, leading to all users in the PC bang lagging or disconnecting from the server.

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