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The blockchain-based horse racing game, DarleyGo has officially revealed its platform. Namely, the horse racing game will be available on the Solana blockchain, and players will be able to breed, race, and buy horse NFTs. Aside from it being a pioneer of this genre, DarleyGo also brings in innovative and creative gameplay like never before.

These days, more and more crypto gamers have been looking for a gaming ecosystem that allows digital ownership of all their in-game assets. Not only does this introduce thrilling gameplay, but DarleyGo also gives players the chance to earn massive rewards. These rewards could be native tokens or NFTs, which are tradable more often than not.

Thanks to the rapid growth of blockchain technology and NFTs, players now have the chance to earn, buy, sell, and most importantly, earn their in-game assets. DarleyGo’s developers understand this need, so this horse racing game will try and provide its players with a rewarding gaming platform.

DarleyGo will be leveraging the Solana blockchain to make its efforts a reality. Specifically, the blockchain-based game can take advantage of Solana’s fast speeds, affordable transaction costs, and competitive environment. As a result, players can experience a seamless and streamlined horse racing experience.


Game Modes

DarleyGo has three game modes: Racing Mode, Training Mode, and Breeding Mode. We’ll discuss each mode further below.

Racing Mode

This mode contains a competitive arena where players fight against 12 other contenders. Players who choose Racing Mode can participate in regular horse racing events or special ones. At this time, DarleyGo has six different racing levels. There’s the Griffin level and Levels 1 through 5.

The Griffin level is essentially the base level, and unraced horses will begin their journey here. DarleyGo will have a 3D streaming feature for all events in the Racing Mode.

Training Mode

The Training Mode can help players learn more about their horses. Specifically, every horse in DarleyGo has a lot of potential that you, as the owner, should discover and explore. Within Training Mode, owners can participate in DarleyHouse races to receive SPL tokens, increase their points, and find out the hidden abilities of their racehorses.


Breeding Mode

Finally, there’s the Breeding Mode. Trying out this mode means that you already have sufficient and in-depth information about your horses, similar to how horse breeding happens in the real world.

To make things interesting for the players, DarleyGo has a feature called “mutation probability.” This feature allows players the chance to breed champion horses. Not only that, but the Breeding Mode also features an ability badge system, which helps players have a better and more streamlined knowledge of their NFT horses.

This system is separated into two categories: the Ability badges and the Character badges. Ability badges refer to your horse’s abilities, while Character badges are all about your horse’s health status, mental condition, character, etc.

According to DarleyGo’s roadmap, we can expect the blockchain game to integrate with the metaverse at some point.

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