There’s a new Metaverse app that is currently taking the Asian continent by storm, and it’s called Bondee. Not only that, but it is also topping app store charts in several countries.

You may have perhaps seen a Bondee QR code being shared by your friends on social media. Or you may have seen them posting screenshots of virtual picnics from Bondee. So what is Bondee? Here is everything you need to know about this trending Metaverse app. 

What Bondee is

Bondee is a new social networking platform developed by a tech firm based in Singapore, Metadream.

“Welcome to Bondee, a new virtual world that stimulates living with friends,” the app said on its official website. 

While it is based in the Southeast Asian country, according to Bondee’s official website, their product development and operations teams are based in Japan and South Korea. Also, they said they have established three independent data centers in Singapore, Japan, and the United States to ensure data security and compliance with regional information security laws. 

Regarded as a “next-gen social app,” Bondee features 3D-animated avatars that remind you of the “Animal Crossing” game and can be customized by users. 

Users of Bondee can chat with friends and have their avatars participate in virtual activities such as camping, dancing, swinging, sailing, and so much more. Their avatars can also visit each other’s rooms and even leave notes.

Why Bondee got so popular

Bondee was just launched on January 17th, but it has quickly become one of the most popular apps across the Asian continent, even topping Social Networking rankings on the App Store in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. 

In Japan, the Metaverse app ranks among the top 10, while it has yet to break into the top 10 in South Korea. 

Furthermore, Bondee has also been praised by many other social media netizens for its customizability and its interactive activities, while others are comparing it to games like “Habbo Hotel,” “Animal Crossing,” and “Club Penguin.”

Do I have to pay in order to experience Bondee?

Well, the Bondee app is free to download. On its page on the app store, however, it shows there are in-app purchases available where you can purchase quantities of “B-Beans” with real cash.

As of press time, many outfits in the Metaverse app are available for a “limited free trial” since these outfits might have to be bought using B-Beans once the trial period runs out.

Is Bondee an NFT app?

Yes, it is. Bondee also includes non-fungible token or NFT, and blockchain elements. However, NFTs in Bondee have not yet been rolled out, but they are included in the app’s privacy policy notes. 

Bondee’s privacy policy states that users can “create a blockchain-based wallet on the public blockchain within the platform.” While B-Beans will be bought with real-world currency, they can be used to purchase NFTs which will then be stored in the blockchain wallets of its users. 

The app will collect these information for purchases: blockchain wallet balance, B-Beans order information, and NFT order information.

That’s basically about the essential things you need to know about this hyped-up app. Go on, give Bondee a try.

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