A game of Minecraft is a game of pure fun. As you play it, among the most incredible adventures in “Minecraft” is battling with a considerable number of hostile mobs. Thus, it would be best if you had the right weapon, such as your sword. 

While a sword in “Minecraft” is mighty, it won’t be as powerful as you need it to be without you investing in the best sword enchantments. Ready to do so? Here are the most recommended enchantments for your sword in the game. 

Top Sword Enchantments In ‘Minecraft’

These are the best sword enchantments you can invest in. 

1. Mending

After successfully making Diamond and Netherite in the game, your next goal must be enchanting them with Mending. The Mending enchantment enhances your sword’s durability with experience. Meaning to say, you can have the best tools with Mending if you are gaining sufficient experience. 

Furthermore, Mending is ideal on swords since the weapon is used primarily for tackling mobs, which is also the best source of XP in “Minecraft.”

Also, you can literally craft indestructible tools using Mending and, of course, the correct planning. Thus, the fact that unlocking Mending is among the most demanding tasks in the game makes sense. But still, it is one of the best enchantments.

2. Curse Of Vanishing

Do you want to avoid a costly death? Then, the perfect spell for this will be Vanishing. The Curse of Vanishing has a max level of 1. If you happen to die, this enchantment can make your items disappear after your death, thus preventing others from taking them. 

And, especially if you are using a PvP server, Curse of Vanishing is one of the best sword enchantments out there in the game.

3. Smite

Smile, for there is Smite. This enchantment in “Minecraft” has the power to increase your tool’s damage versus undead mobs, who are usually the most difficult to kill. Yes, it may be true that using this enchantment is pretty situational, but you can definitely use it during a wide range of fights with mobs, and especially if you are faced against the Wither. 

Smite is also considered more potent than Sharpness, as a majority of mobs in the game are undead.

4. Sweeping Edge

A great and widely recommended sword enchantment for both new and experienced “Minecraft” gamers, Sweeping Edge is what you need to quickly and effectively defeat your enemies by simply sweeping your sword. 

This enchantment’s maximum level can increase the damage given, making it the perfect choice if you find yourself troubled by weak sweep attacks that take longer to provide the damage you want. 

Plus, Sweeping Edge is also an excellent sword enchantment because you can use it on all swords, yes, including diamond swords.

5. Looting

Are you seeking a versatile enchantment to improve your rewards’ quality and quantity? Use Looting. Though this enchantment has cons, like not working on some items like the Totems of Undying, it is still the perfect choice that can cause almost all mobs to drop better loot. 

However, Looting does not reap benefits in combat. But if you already have combat-based enchantments on your “Minecraft” sword, Looting is excellent for bringing things to balance.

6. Bane Of Arthropods

From its name, you can say that Bane of Arthropods is a powerful enchantment in “Minecraft.” With a max level of 5, this enchantment is the ideal choice if you want to kill mobs like spiders, cave spiders, endermites, or silverfish. 

You can use Bane of Arthropods to help increase the attack damage versus those creatures, especially if they are becoming a burden for your character’s combat skills as their current maximum experience and level. 

Plus, this is also a recommended sword enchantment since it does not require any experience, yes. The more levels you accumulate, the better the effects will be. 

7. Fire Aspect

Looking to see your target on fire? Then, the Fire Aspect enchantment should come in handy. The abilities? Well, this can set your targets alight instantly and is the perfect way to handle all those pesky and plainly rude creepers. Maximum the Fire Aspect enchantment level to 2. 

Aside from being one of the best sword enchantments in “Minecraft,” you can also pair Fire Aspect with Sharpness to give you a highly destructive weapon against mobs like skeletons, zombies, spiders, and others that can catch you on fire.

8. Sharpness

You’ve heard about Sharpness a few times in this piece, and here is what it is all about. With a maximum level of 5, Sharpness is the best choice if you wish to increase attack damage against mobs. 

It is also the ideal sword enchantment for “Minecraft” gamers who already have amassed a considerable amount of experience in the game. As discussed earlier, you can use Sharpness with other enchantments like Bane of Arthropods, Smite, Fire Aspect, and Sweeping Edge.

9. Unbreaking 

Upgrade Unbreaking to its maximum level of 3, and you get a wondrous enchantment. This brutal sword enchantment can increase the durability points of the enchanted item. 

Aside from being a recommended enchantment for new “Minecraft” players who are still unsure how to handle mobs, it is also recommended for players using items that quickly break. As its name implies, using this enchantment can increase an item’s durability, letting you use it more often without worrying about it breaking.

Wrapping Up

Those are just some of the best sword enchantments in “Minecraft” that should give you the edge. They range across various amounts of usefulness. While some can benefit the gamer in terms of inflicting damage, others will simply allow them to gain more loot. Furthermore, many of these enchantments come from different sources. 

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