Call of Duty Mobile Getting Fan-Favorite Napalm Strike

In a Season 2 update, Call of Duty: Mobile will get new content and features. Activision has already announced the next season’s theme, and players are now gradually learning what features will be introduced in Season 2. With so much cherished Call of Duty content already packed into Call of Duty: Mobile, many fans overlooked a very obvious scorestreak that was lacking.

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Mobile has been called “Day of Reckoning,” and it will kick off with a devastating force. Aside from the name, the creators of Call of Duty: Mobile have revealed that Napalm will be included as a new scorestreak for the famous mobile shooter. This scorestreak has appeared in past Call of Duty games, and it now returns triumphantly to a welcoming gaming community.


Within the mobile world, the Napalm scorestreak would function similarly to past Call of Duty games. The ability to summon a plane that will bring fire from the sky and burn the battlefield will now be available to Call of Duty Mobile players.

Any player who obtains this new air support option gets to select the aircraft’s flight path and watch the fire spread over the map. It’s worth noting that napalm produces a haze of smoke that can obscure the map and serve as a smokescreen for stealthy maneuvers. Fans are pleased to see the scorestreak added to Call of Duty: Mobile’s many options, despite the fact that it is still unknown how many points it will cost.

The new Napalm scorestreak is expected to be included in the Season 2 Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass. Otherwise, it may be a Seasonal or Feature challenge for players who are up to the task. Regardless of which strategy is used, once Napalm Strike touches the battlefield, players will have another choice for limiting the movement of enemies.

Season 2 will feature a variety of new weapons, including the AS VAL assault rifle and the SPR 208 Sniper Rifle. These weapons are supposed to be available as part of the free Battle Pass, and they can complement the season’s theme in their own special way. The Shoothouse Map and Shipment 1944 have both been confirmed for Season 2 as well.

Fans of Call of Duty: Mobile continues to produce items that have been requested by the public, indicating that the production team is catering content to its fans. Call of Duty: Mobile gets closer to being a real melting pot of the Call of Duty franchise as players discover new features and options.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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