Candao, a social cryptocurrency over-layer solution, has launched its social network launchpad. This is a first in the cryptocurrency sector. Through social network communities, it is feasible to create a world in which everyone and everyone may start, scale, and expand their enterprises, regardless of whether the individual is a business expert. People do not always need to develop new contacts before starting and growing their enterprises. Candao’s social network launchpad intends to usher in a new economic paradigm.

The initiative aims to harness the full power of the crypto community by combining network effects, blockchain technology, and people. This demonstrates that the crypto and blockchain markets have limitless potential.

A blockchain-powered social network launchpad is similar to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), in which community members decide what happens in the ecosystem. For example, the community may determine which businesses to sponsor and how much to fund. Everyone has an equal chance of success and establishment with a social network launchpad since everyone will have equal opportunity.


Revenue is distributed to all active communities by the Candao Social Network Launchpad. If a person becomes active in his community, he will generate tokens and realize his potential. Candao transforms users’ money into data, and it is totally up to the users to select how much data they create. Money is synonymous with trust and goodwill in the Candao ecosystem. Users can generate tokens to boost their earnings from the initiative.

The Candao Social Network Launchpad is intended to allow community members to work on projects with others who share their interests.

In today’s environment, startups confront a slew of issues. Without a solution, the world will lose important and influential initiatives. Among these issues are the following: Unfair distribution of cash and difficult access to critical assets, many channels for diverse target groups, expensive marketing costs, and personal and commercial tokens with limited usefulness

The Candao Social Network Launchpad allows company founders to utilize their tokens to network with other community members. They may raise donations and help their community grow. With Candao, any individual may submit their company proposal, create a community around it, utilize different low-cost marketing techniques, execute their solution in the real world, and monitor the effects in real-time.


Candao is an all-in-one over-layer solution for the realm of social cryptocurrency. Every chain, layer, and decentralized application is linked by it. Candao is a multi-chain platform with an overarching collection of tools and solutions that links various crypto communities.

Its features include the “CandyPad,” a trustless social launchpad created for community members to vote on whether their money should be available to the fund-raiser based on pre-agreed-upon Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Another feature is the “Meta-scan,” which allows customers to view and track everything without the need for third-party analytics tools, which frequently offer incorrect on-chain data.

Candao’s “CandyChain” feature saves most users’ activity on a public chain so others may evaluate them on a regular basis. This is comparable to how token transactions on Etherscan may be inspected. Members may follow one another’s activity from the start.


The “CandID” is a dedicated non-fungible token (NFT)-based digital ID linked to an Omni-scan history of wallet transactions. It allows users to establish a verified and one-of-a-kind follower system. “CandyGroup” is a Candao feature that allows participants to quickly form their project team, expert board, task force, community, group of friends, and so on. Every group member must be authenticated.

Everyone will have access to the resources and contacts they need to establish and build their idea, thanks to Candao Social Network Launchpad.

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