Despite already being integrated into different products, many still welcomed the ChatGPT app warmly when it launched last week. Even more, its first five-day downloading period was a hit, allowing it to garner more than what Microsoft Bing and Edge had when they were revamped with ChatGPT. And now that the ChatGPT app is expanding to more countries, the numbers are expected to grow.

The official ChatGPT app is still only for iOS users (albeit OpenAI shared that Android customers can expect it soon), but customers from other countries should be able to download it now. It was initially launched only in the US, but OpenAI said it is also now available in Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, South Korea, and the UK. The expansion should help OpenAI gather more ChatGPT users whose chat history can be used for the company’s model training (but it can be disabled).

It is important to note that it already succeeded in that area, even if it was just released a few days ago. According to app intelligence provider, the first five-day downloading period of the ChatGPT app for iOS accumulated 480,000 installs. That is more than Bing and Edge’s respective 340,000 and 335,000 downloads on iOS and Android platforms. And, then again, ChatGPT’s numbers are just the downloads it received from iOS users, making it a huge success for OpenAI. According to the data, the launch of the ChatGPT app for iOS is also the second most successful launch after Truth Social, which collected 630,000 downloads during its first five days on iOS and Google Play.

What’s interesting about the ChatGPT app’s success are the hurdles it managed to beat, given it was rather late for the party. To recall, Microsoft injected the model into its Bing and Edge creations earlier this year. Opera is also now testing ChatGPT-powered features in their browsers. Then, there are different ChatGPT-wannabes trying to steal the spotlight. During its launch, we also reported that finding the original ChatGPT app for iOS in the App Store was challenging. Instead of getting the exact result, you would be suggested with other apps claiming to use ChatGPT-4 model. Yet, after all these things, the app still managed to reach the top. And now that it is expanding to more countries (and soon to Android), a bigger milestone might be waiting for OpenAI.

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