As the world accelerates toward a tech-driven future, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of private equity funds now have a tech focus, with software-as-a-service companies at the top of the list.

Chirpley is a brand-new tech start-up that is capitalizing on this trend and shaping it.

The influencer marketplace is being transformed

Chirpley, a decentralized platform that combines tech investment and influencer marketing, is changing the influencer ecosystem by functioning purely in the interest of its end users: tiny influencers and the marketers who rely on them.


Nobody knows this better than Chirpley: nano and micro-influencers are the future of influencer marketing. The platform claims to liberate small-scale influencers by allowing individuals to make a living for the first time. This empowers marketers by removing the worry, time, and inefficiency that usually comes with engaging with smaller-scale influencers.

Through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology, the Web 3.0 influencer marketplace enables end-to-end automated influencing efforts.

Chirpley has combined these cutting-edge technologies in a way that no other automated platform has done before. This is possibly why Chirpley isn’t simply building a name for himself in the influencer marketing field. Its ultra-high-tech mascot and usage of blockchain technology have set the crypto-community abuzz.


The $CHIRP coin powers Chirpley’s deflationary system

The impending issuance of Chirpley’s own coin is likely to excite crypto-investors interested in high-growth start-ups.

The utility token in the Chirpley ecosystem is $CHIRP. The deflationary token provides a 50% discount on on-platform fees when used. Furthermore, 20% of all revenue generated by the platform is used to undertake hourly market buy-backs, after which the purchased $CHIRP tokens are delivered to a burn address.

Why should you be interested in the newest crypto asset, $CHIRP?

Instead of being based solely on conjecture, the fundamental value of the $CHIRP token is calculated based on the Chirpley platform’s anticipated performance. The platform has designed a fee-free deflationary strategy that benefits the entire Chirpley community in order to protect its financial advantages and implement holder rewards for Chirpley users.

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