The Cirus Ecosystem intends to gain significant userbase access and platform/application integrations for the CIRUS Token by crossing the bridge into the BSC Ecosystem with MultiChain.

CIRUS, the Cirus Platform’s native token, may now be bridged from the Ethereum mainnet to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) via MultiChain.

MultiChain, formerly known as AnySwap, is a decentralized cross-chain solution that employs Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) to move tokens and assets between blockchains safely and securely. Users can now use SMPC to transfer tokens and assets to CIRUS on the Ethereum and BSC blockchains and create compatibility and cross-platform capabilities.


This initiative is part of the Cirus team’s aim to expose the CIRUS Token and the Cirus Ecosystem to as many users as possible. The BSC just broke its previous record for daily network transactions and has routinely added hundreds of thousands of additional wallets to the network on a daily basis. Since the BSC Ecosystem has evolved so rapidly in recent years, this tie-in has been a priority for the Cirus team for quite some time.

Cirus will have access to a larger user base by merging with the BSC. The Cirus Ecosystem will benefit greatly from the CIRUS token’s compatibility with BSC-based systems and applications.

Cirus’ entry into the BSC Ecosystem could be a portent of things to come. Cirus was the first initiative to emerge from ZenX Labs, a component of the Unizen Ecosystem. ZenX is a financing incubator for both centralized and decentralized projects. Because Unizen is set to launch their Binance Cloud Exchange in the near future, it appears likely that CIRUS will be incorporated as well.

Cirus Foundation Launches Web Extension Allowing Users to Monetize Browsing  Data

With the BSC bridge in place and a projected rise in users due to Cirus’s new, soon-to-be-launched browser extension, it appears like the groundwork is being built for a Binance listing in the near future. A formal listing on Binance will assist in further thrusting the CIRUS token and the Cirus Ecosystem into the mainstream, bringing new initiatives, partnerships, applications, and users into the fold – all part of the Cirus strategy to promote adoption and give people back control of their data.

Strong roots are always required at the protocol level, keeping with the Cirus Foundation’s holistic strategy, where seeds are planted at all levels from protocol to network, platform, and applications. This is why CIRUS began by integrating with Ethereum and Polygon. With the Binance Smart Chain integrations, expect more innovations and integrations from Cirus within projects and partners using the BSC platform.

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