The hybrid workplace has provided more opportunities for employees to be more productive at work. Since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, companies have offered a new way to work for their employees so they are safer while not compromising their productivity. 

The hybrid workplace setup blends in-office and remote work, thus offering more flexibility and support to employees. In this setup, employees generally enjoy more autonomy and better work-life balance. They become more engaged in their work as a result. This work setup also benefits employers since they can build a more productive, healthier, and more stable workforce. 

So, when institutions join forces to tackle ways how to advance this hybrid workplace setup even more, it becomes a blessing – such as what Cisco and Microsoft will do at this year’s InfoComm event. 

Cisco and Microsoft are participating in the InfoComm 2023 event to talk about advancing the hybrid workplace through their technologies and innovations. 

InfoComm is the most extensive professional audiovisual trade show in North America. The event highlights products for audio, collaboration, content, streaming, and more. 

InfoComm trade shows worldwide are produced by AVIXA, a leading AV resource company and the co-owner of Integrated Systems Europe. AVIXA is also the international trade association that represents the audiovisual industry. 

AVIXA is older than many companies. It was established in 1939 and now has over 11,400 enterprises and individual members from more than 80 nations. These members comprise systems integrators, manufacturers, consultants, dealers and distributors, live events companies, programmers, content producers, technology managers, and multimedia professionals. 

This year’s InfoComm will be held in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Last year, it was conducted in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event’s partners include Blackmagic Design, Crestron, and Shure. InfoComm 2023 is happening this June 10th to 16th.

“Corporate offices have stepped into an era of bold, new hybrid possibilities,” AVIXA director for live content in the United States and Canada, Annette Sandler, told news outlets. “This session led by Microsoft and Cisco and the extensive conferencing and collaboration program at InfoComm will help attendees envision the future of their workplaces, creating a pathway for growth and success.”

During the event’s fifth day, Cisco’s vice president of collaboration strategy and GTM Chris Barwick will join Microsoft’s vice president of Microsoft Teams calling and devices to discuss how these companies advance the hybrid workplaces with their technologies that include integrating artificial intelligence-powered collaboration tools for smart video conferencing, among others.

Representatives from Cisco and Microsoft will also lead a session titled “Building the Multi-Meeting App Conference Room,” delving deeper into the missing pieces of conference room design and what employees genuinely need from such spaces. Cisco’s Stephen Vobbe and Microsoft’s Mathew Slack will grace this session. 

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