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The cryptocurrency world has seen a significant influx of popularity recently and a huge part of that popularity is focused on the rise of meme tokens. So, what is a meme token? Well, meme tokens are cryptocurrencies that are inspired by memes – these are photos, videos, text, and more that are all intended to be humorous. They have spread rapidly across the internet and tend to be recreated in different forms.

Now, memes have crossed over into the cryptocurrency world and the first meme crypto was created in 2013 by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Fast forward a few years and now meme cryptocurrencies are taken very seriously. Tokens such as SafeMoon, DogeCoin, HUH Token, MonaCoin, and Shiba Inu are all very successful meme tokens.

This article explores a clash of two crypto titans, one new, HUH Token, and one that has been in the game since 2013, MonaCoin.

What Is MonaCoin?

MonaCoin is a cryptocurrency that was developed in 2013. On-exchange platforms, it is typically shown as ‘MONA’. The meme it was based on was a cat-like figure that became popularised in Japan. Most of its usage happens in Japan. This cryptocurrency has been around for a while now and has seen some significant success. It is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, and the creators claim that it creates more blocks faster than the big dogs, such as Bitcoin. What’s more, the cryptocurrency has been approved by the regulatory authorities in Japan for daily transactions.

What Is HUH Token?

HUH Token is a new cryptocurrency that has an intelligent and easy-to-use referral system. This referral system threatens to change up the cryptocurrency world and poses a real threat to other existing meme tokens. The developers claim that they have created a way for investors to earn extra income passively through a one-of-a-kind referral system. The idea is that if you refer someone, you then get 10% BNB from their first purchase. If the person you refer goes on to refer someone else, you also get 2% of that person’s purchase. The rewards don’t stop there, as you both receive a discount sales tax from 20% to 10%.

According to their whitepaper, they want to revolutionize cryptocurrency and make it accessible to all. For a lot of people, cryptocurrency feels like an exclusive club reserved only for those who have extensive knowledge on the matter. That will not be the case for this meme token.

HUH Token Vs MonaCoin

These two cryptocurrencies are particularly different and so it might seem like a strange idea to put the two up against each other. However, what makes them comparable is their different intended audiences. While MonaCoin is well-established and doing well in Japan, it has not seen much success outside of Japan. Whereas HUH Token is new to the market and wants to open cryptocurrency to the masses. It wants to seek investors from all walks of life, even those who are not so familiar with the cryptocurrency world. This could give HUH Token the edge over MonaCoin as cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, with more people wanting to get involved than ever. As a result, first-time investors are likely to go to a meme token that is first-time buyer friendly and accessible to all. MonaCoin’s usage in Japan is significant, however, it is likely to put the cryptocurrency in a box and prevent it from experiencing significant success outside of Japan.

Follow HUH Token on their Socials before they Launch:

Website: https://huh.social

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuhToken

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huhToken/

Telegram: https://t.me/HUHTOKEN

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