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Sports betting has been a way people make money, but it’s risky. As a newbie, there are guidelines and steps you need to follow before taking your money on any game. Although, it is usually suitable for people who love sports and watch sports games because It helps them know the right team to pick and the market for their following Premier League predictions.

There are different ways to make money online, but sports betting has been helping sports fans worldwide. The fun fact about sports betting is that you can quickly get information about your favorite teams and watch their live games, as it keeps you updated. The good part for every bettor is that you can now stake on games of your choice using cryptocurrencies.   

It is no news anymore that numerous betting platforms now accept cryptocurrencies for deposition and withdrawal. However, bettors need to consider certain things, so they don’t lose all their money to betting sites. In that case, continue reading our article below for more details on how to bet on sports using cryptocurrencies. 

Find and Pick a Suitable Betting Platform

The first step you need to take as a bettor is to find a suitable betting platform that accepts cryptocurrency because only some betting platforms use crypto. There are numerous betting platforms you can search for online that use crypto: game, Rabona, and many more. 

As a newbie, it will be challenging to know a reliable site, but you could, as any of your friends know, know more about betting, or you can check reviews, feedback, and comments from current customers. However, in the reviews, you will get information on creating an account, bonuses on offers after your first deposit, and various betting options. 

Create an Account

Once you get a suitable betting site, you can download it or go through your web, and then the next thing is to open the app or go to the site to create an account. As a first-timer, you will see an option on the home page of the bookmaker’s site that will show join now, Bet now, or open an account or a link to direct you on how to open an account with them.

To complete registration, you must provide your name, e-mail address, physical address, and date of birth. Also, your country of residence, currency, and password. Although, it depends on the requirements needed by the site. 

Choose Crypto as Your Preferred Deposit Method

After creating an account on the betting site or app, the next step is depositing funds to claim any available offers or rewards after registration before placing your bets. 

There are many methods of depositing funds, and every platform has different forms and ways of doing that, but if you want to use crypto, you will see the option to choose crypto as your preferred deposit method.  

Place Bets

Once you have chosen your preferred deposit method, you can place your bets. Although, you’ve to pick the games you want or teams you would like to stake your money to win money. Also, numerous prediction sites help every bettor with information about a team before picking them in your bet slip. 

Choose Your Preferred Sports Games

As we all know that there are many sports, you can choose from as there are many games to bet your money on, including Premier League picks, UEFA Champions League, Italian Serie A, NFL, NBA, NHL, and other sports leagues. 

Make Your Prediction

After choosing the preferred sports game you want, you can make your prediction. Predicting a newbie may be difficult, but these betting sites have many features where you can quickly see every team’s stats, performance, head-to-head, last games, and many more, which can give you a better hint on how to make your predictions. 

Although, the best and more accessible bet market is to choose either the home team to win, the away team to win, or both teams to play. You can pick other markets based on the information about the two teams you want to add to your bet slip.

Enter Amount and Confirm Bets

After selecting the teams you want to bet on, you can enter the amount you would like to stake with, and you will see the possible outcome after entering the amount. You can also change the amount if the possible outcome is small so that you can confirm the bets afterward. This works for Premier League predictions today and other sports leagues. 

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