Dead By Daylight Announces Hellraiser DLC

Pinhead of Hellraiser renown will certainly join Dead by Daylight’s cast of killers in the coming weeks, putting an end to the uncertainty. A tweet started the suspicions from developer Behaviour Interactive, who posted a scene from Hellraiser on the game’s official account a few days ago.

Due to the analog TV monitor and a “1987” tease, some Dead by Daylight fans interpreted the hint in a more cryptic light, speculating that Five Nights at Freddy’s maybe the next crossover. The Hellraiser (1987) scene could not be avoided, leading Pinhead fans to wonder when the Behaviour Interactive team will confirm their suspicions. Thankfully, the wait for the revelation has come to an end.


Behaviour Interactive released another teaser for the upcoming Dead by Daylight crossover today, August 17. And, sure, Hellraiser was in the front row. Pinhead hooking his claws into an unsuspecting Dead by Daylight survivor is shown in key art (the main picture) released by the studio with GameSpot.

Pinhead will appear in the multiplayer game’s universe via “Lament Configuration” on an undisclosed day in September. PC players may presently participate in a Player Test Build of the Hellraiser Chapter by going “via a BETA-branch of the Steam version,” according to the Dead by Daylight Forum page.

There are a number of elements that Behaviour Interactive hasn’t verified as of yet. For example, it’s unclear which Hellraiser characters will appear as survivors. The Hellraiser Chapter’s potential maps were also not mentioned in today’s tease. This information, along with others, will most likely circulate in the following weeks.

Pinhead’s arrival in the Dead by Daylight world appears to be particularly well-timed, given that a reboot film is now in the works. David Bruckner, who directed The Ritual and The Night House, is directing the remake, which will premiere on Hulu. Given Pinhead’s remarkable array of strong powers, which span from illusion casting and teleportation to manipulation and shapeshifting, both Brucker and the production team at Behaviour Interactive have much to work with.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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