Destiny 2 New Prime Gaming Rewards Unveiled

Bungie has announced the new prizes for the Prime Gaming system, which include new cosmetics and an emote for players to acquire as part of the service. This appears to be the first of a number of rewards available during Destiny 2’s current Season of the Lost, as well as other goods to claim in future seasons.

The Amazon Prime Gaming system in Destiny 2 is a cooperation with Amazon, where Amazon Prime users will earn exclusive gifts only available to members. Players have previously received emotes, ghosts, and other cosmetics for integrating their Amazon Prime account to their Destiny 2 profile, and the new benefits are similar.


Players can obtain a new emote called Cup of Tea, as well as an exotic sparrow, exotic ghost, and legendary ship, as part of the most recent list of Prime Gaming goodies. The Graceful Crane exotic sparrow and the Intrepid Shell exotic ghost offer some striking new looks for players to take into the general play areas as they explore around the game’s many open regions.

However, the sole legendary item in the group may have the most interesting look since it transforms the player’s spacecraft in Destiny 2 into a massive shank-type adversary from the Fallen enemy faction.

These cosmetics are all striking in their own way, as has been the case with Destiny 2’s Prime Rewards in the past, with the emote Cup of Tea likely being one of the main pulls to players so they can show off the new aesthetic in the tower or during Crucible and Gambit matches.

This is at least typically the case with cosmetic packs that feature new shells or shaders, in addition to emotes, when the new actions are the main focus for gamers. Cup of Tea is one of Destiny 2’s many neon emotes with the extra visual light display, so expect to see it around town for a while.

Many cosmetic improvements are currently accessible, and players have gotten accustomed to much of this extra stuff being related to Destiny 2’s microtransaction system, as well as the RNG that comes with it.

As a result, providing these types of prizes as a real way of receiving rewards through the Prime Gaming system can frequently benefit players looking for specific cosmetics. On the plus side, the Prime subscription comes with benefits that extend beyond Destiny 2, so there’s a high likelihood that a lot of players will already be eligible for the new gear.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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