Destiny 2 Season 13 Will Have New Landing Zone On Europa

February 9, 2021 marks the end of Destiny 2’s Season 12; a season that brought a plethora of new content to Bungie’s free-to-play first-person shooter. For instance, in November 2020, developer Bungie first introduced the game’s Beyond Light expansion as well as the Season of Hunt.

Thanks to this expansion, a new area called Europa was introduced to the game, which is where the Traveler goes to after his wounds from the Red War have fully healed. In Beyond Light’s plot, a fallen Vandal named Variks alerts the guardians about the antagonist Eramis.

Overall, the fans’ reception to the expansion’s main campaign was positive, although there was one aspect that fans had a complaint about. More specifically, Europa is a massive area—probably the biggest location in Destiny 2—but it only has one landing zone. Fortunately, it appears that Bungie will be making some necessary changes.

When you go to the game’s director, a full map of Europa shows up. There are particular areas that you can explore without having to traverse and delve into each one, such as Asterion Abyss, Beyond, Charon’s Crossing, Cadmus Ridge, and Eventide Ruins.


When Beyond Light was initially released, you could only utilize one landing zone, which could be found in Charon’s Crossing. You’ll even find Variks working as a merchant there. Just like the Dreaming City area from the Forsaken expansion, though, it would take quite a lot of time to get to different places because of the fact that there was only one landing zone.

Fans have been asking Bungie to add another landing zone in Europa, and now it seems that their wishes will be granted. The developer recently posted on Twitter that if its tweet would get at least 7 likes, then it would add another landing zone with the release of Season 13.

This is definitely great news for long-time Destiny 2 fans who don’t want to spend another minute traversing the vast expanse of Europa just to get where they need to go. Many speculate that this new landing zone will be situated in Eventide Ruins, as doing so would separate the map into two.

At the moment of writing, the tweet reached almost 40,000 likes, which is significantly more than the initial minimum of 7 likes. As such, it’s safe to assume that we can expect that the new Europa landing zone will arrive with the upcoming season.

In other news, fans already have a gist of what Destiny 2 Season 13 will bring to the table. For one thing, it’s been confirmed that a new vendor will be introduced, and new changes will be implemented concerning the game’s dispersion of rewards.

For instance, the Crucible tokens from Lord Shaxx. You don’t really need this anymore in Destiny 2, so instead, rewards will be displayed on your screen every time you level up your Crucible rank.

There’s a plethora of other new things that will be introduced in Destiny 2 as soon as the newest season gets launched, including quality of life adjustments, new missions, and a major DLC, so definitely keep your eyes peeled.

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