If there’s an enemy you should fear a lot in gaming, one of them would have to be Nezarec of “Destiny 2.” Well, not because of his literal prowess, because, come on, you are in a game, never real. But, because beating Nezarec in the game is downright tough.

Who Is Nezarec?

Nezarec, referred to as “the Final God of Pain,” is the gamer’s very last encounter in “Destiny 2’s” Root of Nightmares raid Lightfall. 

An ancient being endowed with mighty psychic powers, he is a sadist who relishes the pain and fear experienced by other sentient beings. He also induces nightmares in his victims to feed on their fear. It sounds like “Batman’s” Scarecrow, doesn’t it? Moreover, Nezarec is also known to various civilizations who feared and even worshipped him, including the pre-Cabal Psions and pre-Golden Age Humanity. 

If you want to complete Root of Nightmares, you must defeat Nezarec. But being the game’s very last encounter, things can get really difficult. Don’t worry. PVP Live is here to guide you. 

The Easiest Way To Beat Nezarec

This encounter can be challenging, requiring the player to split their team into two groups, consisting of three players in each group. The simplest way to defeat the Final God of Pain is to designate roles for each member. That is, the Runner, the Mob Cleaner, and the Tank. Let’s take a look at each of these roles more closely.


Players who got the Runner role shall focus on activating their nodes. Light Runners will, of course, activate Light nodes, while Dark Runners shall activate Dark nodes. 

Additionally, those in this role must also be responsible for creating a safe place for their team to avoid the wipe mechanic of Nezarec. Once a tank draws his attention, be ready to shoot one of his shoulders. As you hit successfully, one of his shoulders will pop, and a light will shine from that shoulder – either orange or white. If the light is orange, the Light team should be the one to make a safe haven on a completed Dark-side node. Meanwhile, if the light is white, the Dark team must create a safe haven on a completed Light-side node. Easy-peasy. 

If you have successfully created the haven and were not killed by Nezarec’s mechanic, Runners can continue activating the nodes in order to finish the chain. 


The Tank’s role is pretty straightforward. Those assuming this role must aggro Nezarec and hold the aggro by getting his “Nezarec’s Hatred” debuff. Once he gives your team a debuff, be sure to shoot his chest to get the debuff before heading straight for his shoulder. Like what happens with the Runners, it will burst in either orange or white color. 

Then, immediately inform your Runner so they can make a safe haven for everybody. In this way, you can shield yourself from the wipe mechanic. And remember, once the debuff timer ends, the Tank from the other team must shoot Nezarec’s chest to obtain the debuff. Also, be sure to alternate until Nezarec starts his wipe mechanic or when the Runners have completed the chains.

Mob Cleaner

Mob Cleaners are also important in this bout. They should make sure no mobs will affect the Runners or the Tanks. Three Colossus will spawn on each phase’s first wave, so ensure to take them out first. 

The Damage Phase

After the Runners have finished their chains, the fight’s damage, or DPS stage, will commence. Nezarec can begin taking damage once the light beam shoots down into the center of the map. 

Sure, you can do damage, but you must do it safely. The best way to do so is to group up and move to one of the higher points on the map. From there, you must throw everything you have toward Nezarec until the end of this phase. 

After the phase ends, remember to move toward your designated position and just repeat the process. Eventually, you will be taken to the final stand.   

The Last Stand

At last, you have reached this phase. Here, Nezarec can take damage, provided you hit him as hard as you can immediately after he roars. Or else, he will just perform a raid-wide wipe. 

If you kill him successfully, that signals the end of the battle. You can then collect your loot.

Teamwork Is Everything 

At the end of the day, to defeat this boss, you must be persistent, and teamwork is really crucial. As long as you know your roles very well, play it safe, and hit the hardest you can during the DPS phase, you can defeat Nezarec. 

“Destiny 2” is an online first-person shooter video game with players assuming the role of a Guardian, protectors of Earth’s last safe city as they wield a power called Light to protect this planet’s humanity from various alien races and conquer the threats of the Darkness.

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