Dez Bryant’s NFL career has been illustrious, with three Pro Bowl appearances, a season as the league’s leading touchdown receiver, and almost a decade of high-level football for three teams.

Bryant has recently emerged as a fervent proponent of cryptocurrency. In June, he bought a Bored Ape and used it as his Twitter profile photo. Bryant co-founded Personal Corner in 2016, which began as a hybrid media center for athletes and has subsequently developed to house Bryant’s own NFT initiative, ‘Juggernauts.’


This week, Bryant is collaborating with Chainlink to bring ‘dynamic’ NFT capabilities to the Personal Corner market. These NFTs will use Chainlink data feeds to change their appearance in response to NFL player performance. As a result, when Bryant, or any other NFL player who has been onboarded on the platform, scores a touchdown or reaches specific thresholds, the NFT’s appearance will change correspondingly.

It’s the newest twist in unique NFT capabilities, incorporating a blockchain in Chainlink that isn’t commonly addressed in the same phrase as most recent NFT efforts. Chainlink has previously worked with prominent names in industries where data speed is critical, such as AccuWeather and the Associated Press. While receivers assist in the movement of chains, Chainlink will assist in data movement.

In May, NBA superstar LaMelo Ball included Chainlink feeds in his NFT release, dynamically monitoring important events in Ball’s career.


As we discussed in our sports and crypto deep dive to begin the year, the NFL hasn’t been the most welcoming of the ‘big 5’ major sports leagues in the United States when it comes to crypto, but that hasn’t stopped NFL players from getting their hands dirty.

Some of the biggest stars in American football, like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Saquon Barkley, have been involved in the space.

On the other hand, Dez Bryant certainly wants to lead the league in terms of inventive NFT integration. To date, the Personal Corner platform has collaborated with NFL stars such as Maxx Crosby and Von Miller.

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