Discord Giving Away Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Codes

Since its introduction in 2015, Discord has grown to become one of the most popular and well-known chat services in the gaming world, edging out competitors such as Skype and TeamSpeak. With Discord’s tremendous popularity, the firm has hosted a number of giveaways, including consoles, Discord merchandise, and even a broken Nintendo GameCube. Through a partnership with Microsoft, Discord is now offering its customers a wealth of new gaming experiences through the platform’s improved Nitro program.

Discord’s popularity has spread like wildfire throughout the gaming world, attracting many of the industry’s top companies and figures. Gaming retailers such as GameStop have launched their own servers for gamers to gather, while PlayStation has worked with Discord to integrate the popular service with its consoles. While Discord’s own in-client marketplace was previously shuttered, a new deal with Microsoft and Xbox Game Pass promises to put games back in the hands of players.

Xbox Game Pass Is Being Given Away For Free To Discord Users

Users who pay for Discord’s Nitro subscription will get two months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free, thanks to a new agreement between Discord and Xbox. Through the subscription and cloud gaming, Nitro customers will get access to “100+ titles across PC, mobile, and Xbox.”

Microsoft accounts that have previously subscribed to Game Pass will not be eligible for the two free months. From now until April 26, 2022, Discord members who have subscribed to Nitro can collect the benefits.

In October, Microsoft is running a similar promotion with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes three months of Discord Nitro for Game Pass users. Xbox gamers may now run Discord through their consoles thanks to recent modifications to the Edge browser for Xbox, however, it lacks some features from the conventional desktop version. The official tweet from Discord also includes a quick instruction to help users get their two months of Game Pass Ultimate.

The new relationship is the latest in a series of contacts and negotiations between Discord and Microsoft, which was previously in talks to buy the chat platform for a high price of $10 billion. While talks about Microsoft buying Discord fell through without a deal being struck, Discord integration is still available on Xbox platforms, and the chat platform continues to grow in popularity. The new Discord Nitro and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate alliance promises to give users of both platforms a better chat experience as well as a slew of new titles to try.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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