Disney is ready to enter the metaverse. That is hardly a surprise. According to recent reports, the worldwide entertainment and media behemoth have a leg up on the competition. Disney has trademarked the technology for a “virtual-world simulator,” which would combine the actual and virtual worlds to provide theme park visitors with a tailored experience.

The technology’s main selling point will be a headset-free metaverse ride. Instead of only projectors, it incorporates a handheld device into the picture, which takes the viewer from the physical world around them to a personalized virtual reality. Visitors to the park are tracked to adjust the projections and provide an interactive experience.


This is considered a step forward from augmented reality, in which real-world items are improved with computer-generated perceptual information. Furthermore, several users will share virtual experiences that are comparable or individualized from the same place. In terms of the entertainment sector, it provides endless potential.

Despite the fact that the patenting process in the United States is lengthy and time-consuming, Disney could obtain it in a shorter period of time. CEO Bob Chapek hinted at what’s to come in November 2021: “We’ll be able to integrate the real and digital worlds even more closely, enabling for narrative without borders in our own Disney Metaverse.”


The patent, however, will not be translated into a metaverse any time soon. Officials from the corporation revealed no immediate plans to use the simulator. A Disney spokeswoman emphasizes that the company “files hundreds of patents each year as part of investigating innovative technologies.”

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