Eiffel Tower, Paris France

If you are reading this article, then it is clear that you have rightly decided to take vacation time that you have not enjoyed over the past number of years here in France. You’re not alone, and many people in the French workplace have been terrified to take any time of because they feared for their job prospects and their chances of promotion. This was a ridiculous situation to find ourselves in, and now it’s time to step away from all of that pressure and start taking a well-deserved holiday that will actually make you better at your job.

Many French people are deciding to travel domestically and that’s great news for our economy. If you are planning to take a short weekend or something a little longer, then there are a number of things that you can’t leave home without including your vibrator (referred to as vibromasseur in French). This will help to take care of your needs in the evenings, and you can find other things to occupy yourself during the daytime, like visiting many tourist sites and enjoying fine food. If you have a trip coming up, then the following are just some of the essential items that you definitely will need when traveling around this beautiful country of ours.

    1. Personal ID & money – Money seems to be a pretty obvious one because you’re going to want to have to pay for your accommodation choices and for the many meals that you’re going to enjoy in the various restaurants dotted all around France. It’s likely that you’re going to enjoy a bottle of wine or three along the way, but you may be questioning the need for personal ID. You have to look at the big picture, so if there was some kind of issue with your reservation or maybe there was some kind of medical emergency, then you would need to establish who exactly you are.
    2. Essential electronics – It is extremely unlikely that you’re going to leave your smartphone behind so make sure that you bring your battery pack so that you can charge on the move. If you are a person who could be described as a digital nomad, then it’s likely that you want to bring your laptop with you so that you can generate an income while you enjoy the fruits of your labor.
    3. Your trusty tent – Carrying a tent with you is a lot easier than it used to be because they are incredibly compact and they put themselves up. This is the wonder of modern technology, and it always pays to bring alternative accommodation in case you decide to stay in a location that cannot offer you any accommodation choices.

All you need to do now is to make sure that you take any medication that you have to take every single day, figure out where it is that you want to go to and then remember to make sure that you have fun as well.

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