So you’re traveling half the way around the world to spend time with a chick you think is the one. What should you do? Find the best tips inside!

If you’re the type of person who loves to date while they travel, you’ve likely come across situations where you grab a plane to hang out with someone in particular – and for no other reason. Whether it’s a weekend away in the next city over or a two-week adventure in Thailand, there are some things you must think about before taking part in a love affair outside of your hometown. I’ve had dozens of flings like this over the years and I’ve become an expert on the topic – so read on and I’ll break down the most important things to think about when it comes to traveling to date.

#1 – Know The Intent

There are dozens of different platforms out there that will really dictate how the whole experience should go – set your expectations based on exactly how both of you first came into contact. If you met on Tinder, chances are pretty good that there will be romance from the get-go. If it was a more ‘long term’ dating service that seeks to put people together for a decent period of time, chances are you’re not going to be trading oral sex in the taxi on the way to your hotel. That’s probably reserved for people who meet on sex dating sites instead – those lucky enough to pick up on them always end up getting the most real action!

Now I’m not saying that you won’t get laid when you travel to meet up with a girl, but it’s not always going to be the case. Work out ahead of time what both of your intentions are – get sexual in messages and you’ll soon realize whether or not she’s keen for some physical contact. Regardless, please make sure that you bring condoms. You can also pack butt plugs, massage oil, lingerie gifts, and Hitachi wands if you want, but protect yourself first and foremost. I know, I know – raw feels so good! Nothing beats NOT having an STD, though.

#2 – Take Plenty of Money

Look, you just shouldn’t be traveling all that much if you’re barely getting by every trip for a date should have you bringing as much money as you reasonably can. I’m not saying that you’ll take your potential partner out for $100 meals every single time she’s hungry, but you should always have a reserve on hand in case you want to get her something really sweet or do a joint activity that’ll make her fall for you. Take it from me: women absolutely hate men who, when they first meet, are tight in the finance department. It’s okay to tighten up your fiscal policy if you eventually get into a relationship, but women want to initially see that you do have the ability to spend if it’s for a good cause. Remember the more cash you splash, the more likely you are to get laid. I hate to say it, but it’s true – and everyone knows it.

Want my advice on the best way to travel with money? Sign up to TransferWise. They give you really competitive rates on forex and don’t fuck you around. You can even open up bank accounts in 6 different currencies with no extreme steps required – it’s a fantastic system that I know most of my fellow dudes out there are going to love. Hell, spend the saved money from forex rates on your new girl – she’ll love that, and you will too! Better the dollars go to sexy lingerie sets from Victoria’s Secret than to some random CEO, right?

go pro, pen, notepad

#3 – Charge Your Phone And Take Your Charger

The full battery when you leave, keep it full by the time you land at your destination. I made the stupid mistake of trying to get by with 30% when in Phucket last year and it ended up costing me about 2 hours or so – the girl I was spending time with there ended up falling asleep while she waited for me! I also suggest getting a local SIM card as quickly as possible and researching beforehand the best way to get to your required destination. Wikivoyage can help with this – they’ve got a lot of good information on most destinations you’re likely to travel to.

#4 – Clean Your Browser History

This might seem silly, but you don’t want to let the girl use your laptop to find a nice vegan restaurant only for her to find out that a day before you left, you spent 4 hours playing sex games. That’s not a great look and to be perfectly honest with you, I’m sure that a lot of the folks reading this have all types of weird stuff in their browser histories. Clean it up or better yet, install a fresh browser like Opera or something that you just use when traveling. This also cuts the risk of unfortunate auto-filled forms and accidental Facebook access logins with 3 a.m. drunk messages from your ex-girlfriend telling you she wants you to fuck her in the ass just one last time. That actually hasn’t happened to me yet, but I put that down to making good decisions when it comes to switching up my browsers!

#5 – Focus On the Fun

Look, dude, for a lot of guys, their ability to enjoy themselves is somewhat hindered by rationality, realism and their lack of experience in the field of actually having a great time. When you travel with a broad, forget all of the nonsense you think you ought to do and focus on what you love. Want to hire a motorbike for the day and just go wherever the wind takes you? Do it. As long as you’ve got Internet access and a smartphone, you’re never more than 10 seconds away from Google Maps and ultimately, salvation. Buy her what she wants, go to the nice (or the not so nice) places and just vibe with it. If it rains, who cares? Enjoy it. Talk to the locals, hold her hand and then bang her brains out when you get back to the hotel room. Also, spend some time eating that pussy – girls love it when you do that.


I know I’m making out as if I’m some alpha chad here, but I genuinely believe the advice I’ve given will give you the best holiday you can imagine. Anyway, cheers for reading and yeah – make sure you stick to my guidelines when traveling to date.

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