One of the features that are making “Hogwarts Legacy” players and “Harry Potter” fanatics love this game is that it is open-world. Open-world games, like “Grand Theft Auto” and “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” allow gamers to freely explore, interact with, or even modify the game’s environment. Moreover, they are not constrained to achieve specific goals. 

It is true that the way “Hogwarts Legacy” is open-world is smaller compared to that of games like “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” and “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.” Still, it doesn’t fall short of fulfilling the expectations of gamers. 

Another feature that makes “Hogwarts Legacy” very fantastic to play is the availability of side quests. Side quests are not main quests but can reward the players when completed. One of these side quests is The Hall of Herodiana. In this guide, PVP Live will take you through completing it. Let’s get started. 

What Is The Hall Of Herodiana Side Quest?

The Hall of Herodiana side quest in “Hogwarts Legacy” will be well-loved by players passionate about solving puzzles. After they accept this quest from a Ravenclaw student, they will be tasked to enter a secret chamber and solve an array of puzzles that will reward them upon completion.

Finding Your Way Through The Hall Of Herodiana Side Quest

Starting The Side Quest

Starting The Hall of Herodiana side quest is the first challenge to conquer. It isn’t tricky, but here’s a guide. 

  1. Go to the Charms Classroom.
  2. Look for and speak with Sophronia Franklin
  3. Then, accept the quest. 
  4. Afterward, follow the marker leading to a secret door located on the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower’s bottom floor. 
  5. Cast Depulso to open that door and enter.

Solving The 1st Puzzle

Note that all three puzzles in this quest involve pushing blocks so you can create a path leading forward. You will need the Depulso and Accio spells with you. For the first puzzle, here are the steps.

  1. Cast the Depulso spell to push the two blocks against the eastern wall.
  2. Then, climb up those blocks and exit this room. You’re done.

Solving The 2nd Puzzle

The second puzzle is way more intricate. Here are the steps to complete it. 

  1. Cast Depulso upon the one movable block on the higher level. Doing so transports it westside. 
  2. Then, position yourself above the immovable blocks before using Accio on the movable block to fit it along the line of the former blocks. 
  3. Jump to that line of blocks, then exit the room. 
  4. You may or may not get the optional extra chest in this room before you exit.
  5. Face the exit, then cast the Accio spell to motion the block towards you. 
  6. Climb up the blocks so you can get above the entrance and loot the treasure chest.
  7. Now you will need to get back to the exit. To do so, simply cast Depulso to push the block back to the wall adjacent to the exit to reach it once more.

Solving The 3rd And Last Puzzle

If the second puzzle earlier was complex for you, wait for the third and last puzzle. This is the most difficult yet in this side quest.

  1. First, cast the Accio spell to pull the one movable block towards the south wall.
  2. Then, cast the Depulso spell to push it toward the switch. 
  3. At this point, you will need to cast another Accio to bring the block over to the north wall. Now climb up to jump across and activate the switch. This resets the block. 
  4. Then, cast yet another Accio to pull the block to the east and west walls, providing you with a bridge you can cross. 
  5. Cross the bridge and claim the reward.

How To Get The Optional Chest In This Side Quest’s 3rd Puzzle

There’s an optional chest in the last puzzle, should you want to get some extra loot. Here are the steps to claim it. 

First, push the block backward in the room from its starting position. Then, climb up the stationary blocks located on the left side. Next up, cast Depulso to push the block towards the right wall. Then, cast Accio to pull the block toward the stationary platform, where you’ll find the switch. 

This time, use another Accio to motion the block toward the left and up against the blocks that are stationary. Move around behind the block before casting Depulso so you can move it all the way back against the wall. Now, climb up and open the chest. Finally, you will need to reset the room and start all over again to solve the room as discussed above.

Puzzle Lover Or Not, This Side Quest Is For You

Puzzle lovers will appreciate and have fun with The Hall of Herodiana side quest, but if you hate puzzles, you will surely struggle. This guide should help those who don’t find puzzles their friends too much.

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