Five benefits of playing Esports games

Sports have been given significant importance in every age. Children are encouraged to play games in schools to make them physically and mentally active. Sports are indeed good for health. It’s a physical activity that helps to maintain weight, improves mood, and keeps heart healthy. Some people like games because they like to have an escape from their real-life troubles, so sports provide them with therapy.

In 2010, the meaning of sports took another turn, and electronic games climbed to another level. It became one of the fastest-growing sports. Electronic sports or commonly known as Esports are considered as a sport too because it requires a specific set of skills, right hand, and eye coordination and a competitive mind. The most popular esports games are Dota 2, League of Legends, Counterstrike, etc. People who are interested in esports keep themselves updated with all the news, competitions and updates with esports app on their phones. It is easy for them to access it and explore their favorite games. They can log in and register themselves to avail of the benefits of playing electronic sports.

Just like physical sports have benefits, electronic games also have their advantages. Here are a few benefits that can be achieved by playing esports:

Critical Thinking:

Playing electronic sports helps in thinking critically. It helps to analyze and evaluate a problem and look for its solution.

It is consequently improving the skills of problem-solving and decision making. It also helps to increase the memory capacity of the brain. A gamer is sharp and spontaneous and becomes more responsive to the situations around. The person doesn’t merely accept arguments and conclusions but instead develops a habit of questioning and reasoning to the circumstances.

Improves Health:

If you are a passionate esports player, here is a piece of good news for you. It can be a great way to cope up with stress and lower it. According to a study, the researchers found an increase in three significant areas of the brain of those who are gamers. Those areas of the brain are the prefrontal cortex, the cerebellum, the and right hippocampus.

It increases hand-eye coordination. People become more responsive to their surroundings. The competitive environment while playing electronic sports also boosts up the self-confidence of the gamers.

Career Opportunities :

  1. Become an official contract-based player: The industry of electronic sports has grown tremendously over the last few years. Big investors are showing their interest in investing in this industry and are establishing esports teams to compete in official tournaments. They hire players and make a team of their own. These players work like employees and play/work on a year’s contract or so.
  2. Earn through sponsorships: Many teams of esports earn their revenues through sponsorships. Players and sponsors collaborate and run campaigns on social media as in this digital era, television and radio programs are old fashioned, and nobody pays any interest in them. Everyone is attached to social media apps, and any marketing on these apps is considered necessary.
  3. Prize money: Prize money is also one of the essential benefits of playing esports. The players play games domestically and internationally and receive cash as their prize. This system has now been increasing significantly. In simple words, you get paid for the games that you play. As compared to sports, esports bring one of the biggest prize pool of any tournament. Recently, a 16 years old Kyle from the USA won 3 million USD for winning Fortnite World Cup. However, in comparison, the world’s most famous tennis player Roger Federer won 2.7 million for winning Wimbledon.
  4. Content creator: It is also beneficial for bloggers. They put up their games on youtube channels, and people all around the world watch them, like them and take an interest in them. In return, these bloggers get paid by YouTube for creating content. Many gamers now stream their gameplay on YouTube or twitch. For example, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the biggest streamer, earns around 50K USD monthly only from streaming. Isn’t that great?
  5. Anytime, anywhere: In this busy life, where sometimes weekends are also occupied, it is tough to take some time to go out and play games. Therefore, electronic sports have the benefit of playing them while being indoors. You could be on the bed and can be playing games in your comfort zone before you go to sleep. You could be wearing a suit in your office and playing your favorite games during the break. You don’t have to make an effort to change into sports gear and moving out to play and relax. Esports are available anytime and anywhere. They are always with you.

Great way to socialize:

Playing online games is also one of the best ways to socialize with people all over the world. It connects you to the players around the world and increases your communication skills. So just being in the vicinity of your room, you converse and play with like-minded people in the world. It is also a great way of relaxing that you get to talk to them about your favorite games. It also improves self-confidence and gives exposure. Players all around the world are now able to connect on gaming platforms. For example, Fifa arranges a yearly tournament “Fifa Esports Worldcup” that involves players from all sides of the world to participate and compete against each other.

The Final Word

It still is a debate about whether electronic sports are as beneficial as physical sports or not. It indeed requires less physical movement, but the kind of concentration and competitive mind it requires is far more than the usual games which enhance and strengthens the brain.

They are a great way to spend leisure time when you are at home, tired, and looking for some unwinding activity for yourself having benefits of its own.

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