Playing with the PlayStation 4 gaming console is an experience beyond belief. There are several other things you can do with the PS4, such as using the Internet. But, at the same time, there are instances you might encounter problems, such as the PS4 disconnecting from the Wi-Fi consistently. In this article, we will tackle how to fix this issue. Read on. 

Why Does My PS4 Keep Disconnecting From The Internet?

PS4 Internet connection issues are very common, but sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out what is causing the problem. In most cases, the PS4 is responsible for the issue. The problem is usually related to its software which you can fix easily. 

In some rare cases, the problem could be router placement and signal interface caused by your other devices. 

However, no matter what the reason is behind the problem, there are several things you can do to fix the PS4 disconnecting from the Wi-Fi consistently by taking a look at this guide. 

How To Fix Your PS4 Wi-Fi Connection Issue

Select A Frequency Band Manually 

The old PS4 only supports the 2.4 GHz frequency band, while the PS4 Pro supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. One of the reasons most PS4 Pro gaming consoles face this issue with the Wi-Fi is the automatic selection of the band. 

Your PS4 Pro keeps switching between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands to always use the faster one. But, most of the time, your game will begin lagging or lose connection for a few seconds. 

In case you have a dual-band router, you can try selecting a band manually from the console’s network settings. Usually, the 2.4 GHz band offers better coverage, but its speed is slower, and the 5 GHz band offers less coverage but provides a faster Internet connection. 

You can try both hands. Then, set the one that works better for you. Here are the steps.

First, go to Settings. Then, to Network. Then, to Setup Internet Connection. Then, use Wi-Fi. Easy. 

Then, look for “Options Menu” at the bottom of your screen and select this. 

Lastly, open Wi-Fi Frequency Bands and select 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz. 

Close The Application And Open It Again

Does the simplicity of this method seem not sufficient to fix the problem? Sometimes, properly closing the game and opening it again can fix the connection issue.

For example, if you are experiencing this Wi-Fi bug while playing GTA V, you can hit the home button, and once the home screen launches, press the options button on your controller. A menu will open up. You must select the game option and relaunch the game. If this does not work, continue reading for the other options. 

Reset The Console 

In particular cases, resetting the PS4 can fix the bug, which only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps to reset your PS4. Later as your read, there is a note that you must know. 

First, turn your PS4 fully off. Unplug the power cable from the back of the unit. Wait for around five minutes before plugging the power cable back into the console. 

Afterward, hold the power button for eight to 10 seconds and wait for the second beep. Connect the DualShock 4 controller to the PS4 using a USB cable. Select “Initialize PS4” using the X button. 

Note: Resetting your PS4 console will remove all the data, including the installed games. Make sure you back up your PS4 saves before resetting the console. If you do not want to wipe your data, follow the same steps, except for the last step, as you will instead choose “Restart PS4” instead of the “Initialize PS4” option.

Reboot The Router

This method starts with you unplugging the router’s power cable and plugging it again after 10 to 15 seconds. Allow the router to power up and try connecting it with your PS4. 

If the router is causing the issue, hopefully, you will not experience any connection drop. If still, this does not work, contact your Internet Service Provider. Or you can also test the Internet speed manually using the PS4’s Test Internet Connection option.

Delete The Game Fully And Reinstall It Again

Some individuals only experience this Wi-Fi disconnection issue while playing certain games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (that is how specific we can be). If you are among these people, you can try removing the game completely from the hard drive and reinstalling it. 

Steps On Deleting A Game From PlayStation 4

First, navigate to the game in the Menu. Then, highlight the desired game. 

Press the options button on the PS4 controller. Once done, select Delete from the menu, tap confirm, and the game will be deleted. 

Once the game is uninstalled, you can install it again by using the physical disc. Or, if you purchased it from the PlayStation Store, you can download it again. Simple, isn’t it?

If that still does not work, other options include rearranging your setup, changing DNS settings on PS4, setting up a static IP address for the console, and rebuilding the database on PS4. Read further to know the details. 

Rearrange Your Setup

As mentioned earlier, signal interference can also cause these connection issues. If there are unnecessary devices around your modem or router, remove them from there. 

Also, try placing your PS4 where you get the best Wi-Fi connection in your house, or place the Wi-Fi router close to the PlayStation 4.

Change The DNS Settings On Your PS4 

Changing the DNS or domain name system of your PS4 can also fix the Wi-Fi drop-off issue. And, it may also provide better Internet speed. 

There are several high-performance DNS, but we recommend the DNS of Cloudflare or Google. Up next are the steps on how to do this. 

First, open PS4 settings. Then, go to Network. Then, to Setup Internet connection. 

Select Wi-Fi. Then, choose Custom. Then, choose Automatic for IP address settings. Afterward, select Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.  

Once done, select Manual under DNS Settings. Enter as Primary and as Secondary DNS. Then, choose Automatic for MTU settings. Afterward, select Do Not Use under Proxy Server. Finally, hit test your Internet connection. 

Set Up A Static IP Address For PS4

If your IP settings are kept automatic, then you are probably using a dynamic IP address. Dynamic IP addresses change when your ISP decides to assign you a new address or when you reboot your router.

However, static IP addresses do not change. It is why static IPs are usually more stable regarding connectivity. 

Keep in mind also that this method will change your local IP but not your public IP.

Step-By-Step Guide On Changing The IP Address On PS4

First, head over to Settings > Network > View Connection Status. 

Note down or take a picture of the IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway before returning to the previous menu. 

Proceed to Set Up Internet Connection > Use Wi-Fi. 

Choose Custom > Manual.

Next up, enter the first three numbers (three sections) of your IP address. Then, pick any number from 2 to 25 as your last number (section). 

Then, enter the Default Gateway and Subnet Mask that we asked you to note down or take a picture of previously. 

This time, choose Automatic for MTU settings. Then, choose Do Not Use for Proxy Server. 

Test your Internet connection and see if the Wi-Fi works now. 

Rebuild Database On PlayStation 4

Rebuilding the PS4 database is a well-known solution for fixing software-related bugs, such as our topic right here. But, it may take you 15 minutes to an hour to complete the process. Worry not, because in most cases, it is worth trying this method if the other solutions are not working for you. Here are the steps.

First, turn off your PS4. Second, press and hold the power button for eight to 10 seconds. Doing this boots up your PS4 in safe mode. 

Third, connect the DualShock 4 controller to the PS4 using a USB cable. Fourth, press the PlayStation button on the controller. 

Fifth, go down and select “Rebuild Database” using the X button on your controller. Wait until the process is done; your PS4 will automatically boot up. 

Lastly, sign in to PlayStation Network, connect to Wi-Fi, and see if you still face connection issues while gaming.

Take note: After rebuilding the database, some users report they find their games missing from the game menu. Do not panic. You can restore them from Settings, then to Account Management, then to Restore Licenses, and hit the Restore button.

What If Nothing Works? What Can I Do?

If none of the solutions discussed above worked (hopefully not), the best option is to connect your PS4 with an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable connection provides reliable Internet. Sometimes, the speed can even be a hundred times faster than the Wi-Fi connection. 

Here is how to do this. First, connect the Ethernet cable to the router’s Ethernet ports and the PlayStation 4. Then, turn on the PS4 and the router. Go to PS4 Settings. Select Network, then Set Up Internet Connection, then Use LAN Cable. Easy.

Final Words

Overall, the steps you learned about earlier, including the alternative solutions if none of the methods worked for you, should fix the PS4 consistently disconnecting from Wi-Fi. If there are information you want to add or you want to share more about this topic, interact with us here at PVP Live. 

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