Do you also play “Little Alchemy 2”? If you do, you very well know that Life is an important element in the game. 

Most gamers already have their worlds prepared in front of you. But what if there’s a game that allows you to create a world from scratch? Yes, you read that right. From scratch. But maybe that’s an overstatement. Nonetheless, that’s what “Little Alchemy 2” is all about. 

And this game, Life is the most important element as this is among the possible sources to create a Human and many other landmark discoveries. 

But how can you make Life in “Little Alchemy 2”? PVP Live is here to guide you on this. Read on. 

The Shortest Route To Make Life In ‘Little Alchemy 2’

As you search around, several ways exist to create Life in “Little Alchemy 2.” But here are the steps to make Life through the shortest route possible. 

  1. Combine Water and Water to make Puddle.
  2. Then, combine Water and Puddle to make Pond.
  3. Afterward, combine Water and Pond to make Lake.
  4. Next up, combine Water and Lake to make Sea.
  5. Fuse Fire and Earth to make Lava.
  6. Then, fuse Lava and Sea to make Primordial Soup.
  7. That is followed by combining Earth and Lava to make Volcano.
  8. Finally, combining Volcano and Primordial Soup creates Life.

There you go. 

Alternative Recipes To Create Life

There are also alternative recipes to make Life in “Little Alchemy 2,” which are perfect if you don’t want to start from scratch.

All of these combinations below make Life.

  • Electricity and Lake
  • Electricity and Ocean
  • Electricity and Primordial Soup
  • Electricity and Sea
  • Energy and Primordial Soup
  • Lake and Lightning
  • Lightning and Ocean
  • Lightning and Primordial Soup
  • Lightning and Sea
  • Primordial Soup and Storm
  • Primordial Soup and Time
  • Primordial Soup and Volcano

You can play “Little Alchemy 2” on both PC and mobile.

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