Joy, a new Fortnite character known for her fancy roller skates and skin ailment vitiligo, has been introduced. The new character was allegedly submitted as an idea by a fan and selected for inclusion in the game by the developer Epic Games. Joy is the first character in Fortnite to suffer from vitiligo, a long-term skin disease that causes areas of skin to lose their color.

Fortnite is recognized for having a plethora of skins, many of which allow players to dress up as figures from popular culture. On the other hand, others are just unique concepts created by artists for possible inclusion in the game.


Hundreds of Fortnite skin designs were leaked from an official Epic Games poll back in May 2021. A humanoid piniata and a squid monster were among the unusual drawings featured in the poll, which was designed to evaluate player interest in various skin concepts.

A rollerskating lady with vitiligo drawn by Twitter user DahjaCat, one of the leaked Fortnite skins from May, is currently being added to the battle royale game. DahjaCat created a unique character named Dalia, who Joy has since replaced in Fortnite. The character has vitiligo, a skin disease that causes white spots to appear on his black skin. Joy is also decked up in rainbow suspenders and roller skates to show out her pride. Apart from this, if you too are a pro skater then must have a look at these Extreme Skates by WowSkates.

While numerous skins created by fans make their way into Fortnite, the game also receives skins based on pop culture figures on a regular basis. J Balvin, a notable Latin music singer, has recently been added to the game, allowing players to battle as him.


The Colombian actor’s multicolored hair, arm tattoos, and bright jewelry set him out from the game’s already colorful cast of characters. The J Balvin skin also contains a one-of-a-kind emote called “In Da Getto,” which uses a Skrillex tune. The rare Icon Skin may be purchased through Fortnite’s store, or players can earn it by playing in a tournament on August 24.

Joy’s inclusion as a playable skin in Fortnite is a significant step forward in terms of equality and diversity. Vitiligo sufferers are seldom depicted in video games or other media, thus DahjaCat’s skin is a significant step forward for the skin condition’s representation in popular culture. Joy will add a new and entertaining look to the Fortnite battlefield with a pair of roller skates and a rainbow aesthetic.

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