and Natus Vincere have a new title sponsor — G2A. The massive digital gaming marketplace had already been one’s and Na’Vi’s CS:GO team main partners since early 2015.

VP is one of the biggest gaming organizations and already has tons of investments and partnerships such as, RuHub, and ESforce. VP has secured the largest sponsorship deal with G2A in history and will work with the team alongside RuHub to “help the studio reach a whole new level of quality and implement several ambitious projects together.”

Anton Cherepennikov shared in’s announcement:

We are sure that acquiring the title sponsorship for all of the squads as well as the RuHub Studio from the global gaming marketplace G2A.COM is a milestone in the history of our organisation. Bringing our efforts together, we will be able to reach new tournament heights and implement large-scale projects.

Na’Vi is a prestigious organization and as such, they can choose which brands they want to partner with. Now that they’ve obtained a title sponsorship with G2A they can “make an even greater contribution to the eSports development. Our goals are ambitious, so many interesting projects are waiting for us both in the nearest future,” said Na’Vi’s CEO Alexander ‘ZeroGravity’ Kokhanovskyy.

Does VP even need more money for “large-scale projects”?

Nine months ago VP received an investment of $100,000,000. No, I didn’t add extra zeroes. Anton even stated then that “the funds will primarily be used to launch new tournaments and various new gaming disciplines, as well to create media channels to cover the sport and to construct e-sports arenas.”

In any case, both Na’Vi and have deep-rooted support by a lot of brands and companies in the region. Doesn’t look like the Eastern European gaming organization will be here for quite a while.

Both teams are pursuing “ambitious large interesting projects” so keep your eyes peeled on what new developments may arise in the future.

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