The highly anticipated play-to-earn strategy game, Gaia Everworld, has officially opened its land sale to the public, allowing players to buy land within the Everworld. There are eight kingdoms in the blockchain-based game, and interested players can choose among 237,734 parcels of land known as Eever. These parcels of land are open for purchase through smart contracts, and each purchased land essentially functions as non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

Since these are digital assets, owners can rent out their land to other players or resell them.

About Gaia Everworld

While blockchain-based play-to-earn games aren’t exactly new to the industry, Gaia Everworld stands apart from the rest as it’s the first one where you can ultimately own all your assets. Not only that, but you can transfer the characters you own in-game across other games.

Gaia Everworld was developed using Unreal Engine, and it’s clear how it’s one of the most impressive blockchain-based games in terms of graphics. Not to mention that the game is massive and immersive, with its 3D ecosystem that you can get lost in for hours.

The P2E game allows users to fight each other through PvP mode, building and defending their kingdoms whenever other kingdoms attack. The team behind Gaia Everworld comprises talented developers, entrepreneurs, gamers, blockchain developers, and the like with more than 50 years of hard-earned experience.



In a recent strategic seed round, Gaia Everworld’s team closed $3.7 million from more than 20 investors. These investors included big names like Polygon, Unilayer Capital, AU21, Radicle Gaming, and more. Polygon’s co-founder and COO, Sandeep Nailwal, said that one of the reasons why they decided to invest in Gaia Everworld is that the team’s vision was impressive.

Fans of popular titles like Pokemon, Age of Empires, Runescape, and more will undoubtedly enjoy what Gaia Everworld has to offer, as it seamlessly combines various elements from these renowned titles into one blockchain-based game. Nailwal says that Gaia Everworld offers better and more advanced concepts than the popular P2E game Axie Infinity. It’s more strategic, not to mention more fit for adult gamers.

Not only that, but the game’s top investors appreciate how Gaia Everworld is revolutionary as a blockchain-based game. After all, gamers and owners can invest in their characters and build up their land to transfer them to another game within the blockchain.

Characters in Gaia Everworld are called GAIAs, and each is also transferrable NFTs. Players can choose what they want to do with their characters, whether they want to build up their skills, change how they look or tweak their breeding capabilities.


The fantasy game also features different game modes players can enjoy. These modes include Player vs. Player (PvP) and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), along with competitions and collection features where you can receive rewards in the form of $GAIA tokens.

Gaia Everworld’s CEO, Josh Bull, says that gamers have spent thousands of dollars on in-game assets, but they don’t truly own any of these purchases. Bull wants to change that with Gaia Everworld and give gamers the chance to have ownership over their land, assets, and characters.

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