Meme tokens have been gaining more and more popularity as of late, and it appears that these new projects are yearning to do and offer more to their supporters. For instance, it seems that the recent crypto project known as GamingDoge is currently on a mission to create an ecosystem optimized for gamers.

According to Coinmarketcap, GamingDoge is ranked #3059, and apparently, the meme coin is touted to be the ultimate companion you could ever want or need. It appears that it’s looking to impress the crypto community with its one-of-a-kind Tokenomics, along with an ecosystem that’s aspiring to become one of, if not the biggest, communities within the cryptoverse.

As its name implies, GamingDoge tries to appeal to the gamers within the community, and the development team wants to make their audience proud by creating an ecosystem that will fully utilize the incredible powers of NFT games, marketplace, and decentralized exchange. Essentially, it wants to build a platform that will serve as a beacon for all the gamers and enthusiasts in DeFi.

GamingDoge’s team wants to seamlessly blend together DeFi and gaming so that users can easily find it within one place. As such, the team has a lot of great plans in store for the crypto, with goals related to longevity and sustainability. This goes to show that GamingDoge plans to stay for a very long time.

At the moment, the dev team has already released an Alpha version of an upcoming game called JUMPYDOGE. It’s basically a 2D hypercasual game where you simply have to climb up and overcome obstacles in order to score and increase your points. The game is pretty much still in its early stages, and you can expect a lot more changes and improvements to come after its official release in December 2021.

So, let’s talk about GamingDoge’s Tokenomics… or in this case, Dogenomics.

According to the coin’s official website, 8% is allocated to an auto prize fund. This essentially gives rewards to holders twice a week and involves a live draw over at GamingDoge’s official Telegram AMA.

4% goes to LP or the Liquidity Pool, which means that every transaction made (whether you’re buying or selling) will immediately be added to the Pancakeswap Liquidity Pool in an effort to stabilize any volatility.

Lastly, 1% is allocated to Static Rewards. This means that for every buy or sell transaction you make, 1% will be redistributed to each and every token holder. In other words, holders will be able to earn more just by holding the tokens in their respective wallets.

Clearly, GamingDoge has a plethora of exciting things planned and the community is beyond excited to see what it has in store, especially the upcoming game JumpyDoge. CoinGecko and CoinMarket have already begun listing the token, which is a good sign.

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