Developed and published by Digital Extremes, “Warframe” is a free-to-play action RPG game that’s also a third-person multiplayer game you can play online. 

In this game, you control Tenno’s members. Tenno is a race of ancient warriors awoken from hundreds of years of suspended animation far into Earth’s future, only to find themselves at war and in conflict with various factors of a system known as the Origin System. This race uses their powered Warframes, alongside various weapons and abilities, to fulfill missions. 

Among the many things you can do as you play “Warframe” is to farm for your weapons. Farming is a characteristic of today’s top RPGs. “Warframe” is no different. 

Players can farm through several missions on various planets. One of those they can farm is Plastid. Plastids are very in demand as they are a required material for crafting many items like weapons, Archwings, and Warframes. 

But, not every location in the game is ideal for farming Plastids. In this piece, you will learn about the best places where you can farm Plastids in “Warframe.” Let’s get started.

In Rank 1: Eris (Zabala)

First things first. While this is the runaway winner on this list of the best places to farm Plastids, know that Zabala is a late-game location. So, players will need to get occupied with so many things to do before they can unlock this planet. 

But, once unlocked, Zabala drops plenty of resources. Aside from Plastids, you may also collect other resources such as Neurodes, Nano Spores, and Mutagen Samples.


Uranus (Assur)

Second on the list is Uranus (Assur). Here, you won’t just be able to farm Plastids, but this place is also abundant with other resources such as Detonite Ampule, Gallium, and Polymer Bundle. 

Of course, you will have to face enemies to deserve your prize. But don’t worry because enemies here are just at a moderate level, so there won’t be any grim issues. 

Also, Uranus gives you a 25 percent higher drop chance, compared to those of other planets. A higher drop rate and moderate level of enemies make Uranus a great place to farm Plastids.

Uranus (Ophelia)

Ophelia in Uranus is a classic place where you can find not just Plastids but also other resources like Gallium, Detonite Ampule, and Polymer Bundle. 

However, know at this point that the mission here is not a Dark Sector mission, compared to that of other locations. But, since the mission here is of the survival type, it can reward players with a plethora of resources.  

Eris (Akkad)

Eris (Akkad) is considered a legacy farming location. If you would instead involve yourself in a defense mission instead of a survival mission, this should be your preference. 

The abundance of Plastids here is at a good rate. Teams can farm a lot by doing several rotations. Also, it isn’t too difficult to set up farming Warframe abilities such as Hydroid or Khora. 

Saturn (Piscinas)

On the other hand, Saturn (Piscinas) is an Infested-controlled world, and the mission here, like that in Eris (Zabala), is a Dark Sector mission. Thus, it grants a 20 percent boost to the resource drop rate, turning the odds in your favor from all the farming. 

Also, there are some spots where you can camp and set up the right Warframes, allowing your squad to farm better. 

You can also find some containers and storage lockers lying around. Great places to camp out.

Phobos (Zeugma)

Zeugma is low on this list because, unlike other locations where you can farm a lot of Plastids, the mission here offers you the chance to obtain Plastids just as you pass Mars. So, there’s some sort of a requisite. 

But, if you are trying to ascertain how to acquire Plastids early as a beginner in the game, Phobos is an excellent option for you. 

Please take note, though, that the Plastids drop rate in Phobos is not that high, but it is guaranteed you can farm a reasonable amount. 

The mission here is also of the Dark Sector type, giving you a better chance of getting Plastid drops because of the 25 percent resource drop chance.

Getting Plastids

Basically, you can acquire Plastids by beating enemies on planets that include them in their drop list. These planets are Eris, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, and Phobos. The best of the best are listed above. 

For a higher chance of getting Plastids, go for planets with Dark Sector missions, such as Eris, Uranus, and Saturn. 

Apart from defeating enemies, you may also destroy containers, as well as open Storage Lockers, or locate Plastid Carapace containers that must be broken down to get the resource.

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