There aren’t many game series that are more iconic and popular than God of War. The franchise has been around since 2005 and has sold over 51 million games worldwide. The recent reboot set within the realms of Norse mythology, God of War in 2018, is regarded as one of the greatest games ever made. Its follow-up, God of War Ragnarök, in 2022, received similar critical acclaim.

The last title wrapped up the Norse arc of God of War, and there are now questions about where Santa Monica Studio will take Kratos next. The studio’s creative director of video game development, Cory Barlog, previously stated that Egyptian or Mayan mythology could be on the cards next. Opting for the former would make more sense, as there’s a huge audience for content set in this era.

Why is Ancient Egypt the Best Option for God of War?

There are various reasons why going for Ancient Egypt would make a lot of sense for the God of War franchise. The series has only ever dealt with Greek and Norse mythology, making it harder to fathom why a culture as important as Ancient Egypt has been ignored. It would be wise for God of War’s developers to tackle that next, as it’s one of the most popular cultures of old in the mainstream.

There haven’t been that many major open-world console games set in Ancient Egypt, and this is something that Santa Monica Studio could rectify. Players have been able to experience themes from the era in other ways, with some of the most notable offerings including Age of Mythology and Assassin’s Creed Origins. There are loads of real money online casino games set in Ancient Egypt, highlighting consumer demand from the key player demographic. For example, titles like Egyptian Gold and Cleopatra’s Gold are major fan-favorites with audiences. It’s clear that players are hungry for this mythology in game form, and God of War should deliver it next.

It will be difficult to Outdo the Norse Era.

The Norse era took God of War to new levels, and the two games in this storyline earned a plethora of Game of the Year awards between them. Along with using the best graphics available on modern consoles, these two titles had some of the most immersive and engaging plots of any titles in the franchise to date. To follow on from these successfully, Santa Monica Studio needs to be careful in choosing which mythology it will tackle. It will be difficult to outdo the Norse era, but Egyptian mythology appears to be the safe option to attempt to do so.

Kratos would certainly not look out of place in Ancient Egypt. The powerful warrior has slain the gods of other pantheons, and he could easily take on the likes of Ra, Osiris, and Isis next. Along with featuring these gods, a new game could also explore the various pharaohs of the era, such as Tutankhamun and Ramses II.

Heading to Ancient Egypt seems like the right thing for God of War, and experimenting with other mythologies feels like too much of a risk after the success of the last two games. It will be hard to top the 2018 and 2022 games, but it’s Santa Monica Studio if anyone can do it.

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