Google Play Books has a new feature called “Reading practice,” which is designed to aid users in practicing their reading and comprehension skills. It offers different functions, ranging from getting word definitions to reading position tracking.

According to Google, the feature is currently only available in the U.S. on the Google Play Books Android app and Google Kids Space. Also, the feature is only present in select titles, which have a “Practice” badge on them. Moreover, Google said it added a new “Reading practice” filter on Google Play Books, allowing users to easily find ebooks equipped with the said feature.

For titles with Reading practice enabled, users can experience reading position tracking, wherein texts will be highlighted while being read out loud. Alternatively, the feature also allows manual setting of position through a simple tap.

The feature also offers hearing guidance. For instance, the reader can tap a word to hear its correct pronunciation or have it in syllables. Additionally, users also have the option to listen to an entire sentence and have the definition of a specific word. The latter is aimed at parents guiding their kids in the reading process, allowing them to have more kid-friendly ways of explaining certain terms.

At the end of Reading practice-supported ebooks, users also have the choice to practice on some words they skipped or mispronounced. 

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