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According to a recent press release published on the official website of Google, its shopping ads are supporting jobs and business growth across the European continent. The details are here. Read on. 

Google’s shopping ads are designed to help shoppers look for the products they want quickly and easily. The company carries this out with the help of Comparison Shopping Services or CSS, shopping ads that also help merchants reach their potential customers. 

The company said they wanted to take a look at the growth of these CSSs in the continent and how they connect merchants with shoppers as eCommerce continues to accelerate, supporting job growth and small businesses.

Businesses are attracting more customers

When customers look for products on Google, they see a series of ads showing the products they want to buy. The CSSs place these ads, and shoppers can then either click through the merchant to purchase or visit the CSS to compare more. 

People find these results helpful, and the traffic to these ads has continuously increased over time. 

European businesses are growing 

In 2021, the press release further said that the number of CSS businesses advertising on Google expanded by more than 20 percent alone. Many of these are hiring new employees or expanding into new countries or markets. 

All in all, there were over 350 active CSS groups in Europe that advertise on shopping ads at the end of 2021. Together, they operate over 800 CSS websites across various countries in the continent, creating new business opportunities and job growth.

Most offers uploaded to Google in the European Economic Area are from CSSs, and the number of merchants using CSSs like Kelkoo, Redbrain, Connexity, Solute, Smarketer, and Smarter eCommerce to place ads grew by over 30 percent in 2021.

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